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Live Roulette

5 elements to master before embarking on live roulette: Revelations

The live roulette option landed on online casinos a short time ago. It all started with live dealers in blackjack and poker games, before landing at online roulette tables.

Online roulette has become more and more popular over the years thanks to new technologies that offer game tables in the presence of flesh and blood dealers.

Today, all the major online casinos make online roulette available to internet users. They are broadcast live from permanent casinos or from studios.

Gone are the days when players placed their bets on roulette tables in RNG with a program acting as croupiers. These roulette games are aimed at novice players who want to see how the game works. But once they are ready to move up a gear, they abandon the online roulette in favor of live games.

In addition, both beginners and experienced players have their full places on these game tables accessible on PC, tablets, and mobiles. With just one click, you are in front of real gaming tables filmed live from real casinos! There is something for all levels and all budgets so that everyone can find pleasure

Casino♠️Poker reveals everything in this file devoted to the game of live roulette. You will find all the information to choose the tables you need. Thus, you will be able to choose between the live roulette tables of real casinos or studios.

We are here to tell you about the principle of live roulette casino offered by online establishments. Also, we are going to prove to you that you should favor this game option rather than the basic Random Number Generator system. Finally, we will guide you to the Holy Grail, that is to say, the list of the best casinos that the platforms of online casinos operators have to offer in terms of live roulette!

Live Roulette

We present in detail the principle of the live dealer roulette offered on online casinos

The concept behind live roulette and other live games is simple, and yet the developers have been slow to implement this option. Indeed, while playing against croupiers was only done on land casinos, now this option exists on online casinos. Of course, you will only find live dealers on table and card games.

This is a genius idea, and listen to how the game developers have managed to make it work. They have managed to create real centers for recording live games. The purpose of the maneuver is to set up croupiers in a studio and to film them when they meet players. Everything happens in real-time, that is to say, that as soon as you land on a live roulette game, you will be received by a dealer.

You will be able to play a game of live roulette as if you were at the casino, from your living room! When you join a table and play from this live roulette mode with a real dealer, he will record your bets on the numbers or events on which you want to bet, plus throws the ball. When the result falls, it distributes the winnings generated by the winners and they are added to the virtual balance. A new game of live roulette can then begin …

Live roulette with live dealers from casinos

In live casinos, there are two types of environment: live roulette from authentic casinos and live roulette from studios.

The first “formula” is the closest to reality since online casinos offering real games of live roulette from land-based casinos with real dealers. In fact, webcams installed in authentic land-based casinos broadcast live what is happening around the table on internet users’ screens. No less than 16 land-based casinos allow online players to play on their tables, here is the detail with the name of the software used.

Authentic Gaming

  • Bad Casino Homburg in Germany,
  • Foxwoods Resort Casino in the United States,
  • London Aspers Casino in Great Britain,
  • Royal Casino Aarhus in Denmark,
  • Batumi Georgia International Hilton Casino,
  • Platinum Casino in Bucharest, Romania.

Evolution Gaming

  • London Hippodrome Casino,
  • Dragonara Casino Malta,
  • Grand Casino of Bucharest in Romania,

Ezugi Castor Tables

  • Portomaso Casino Malta,
  • Oracle Casino Malta,
  • Palace Casino in Bucharest in Romania,
  • Royal Casino in Riga, Latvia,

Benefits of playing live roulette from casinos

Roulette fans can thank the new technologies! No need to go to a casino to rediscover the joys of playing and winning at live roulette. HD cameras retransmit roulette games in real-time on internet users’ PC, tablets, and mobile screens. This eliminates the need to travel to gaming establishments to find yourself at a table and a wheel.

Save your energy and time

Online casinos offer live roulette and prevent players from moving around. We let you imagine the savings in time and money of these little marvels that move the roulette wheels at your home. In the middle of winter or in rainy weather, access to online casters is only welcome! Let’s not talk about some of the hundreds of kilometers to go to push the doors of the nearest casino!

Tables available 24/7

Another advantage of these castor tables is that they are available non-stop. Day or night, weekdays and weekends, you can sit at a table whenever you want. In the middle of the night, you will find open tables all the time, whether from real casinos or studios.

Smoke in peace

For smoking players, playing in an online casino on live roulette tables is a good solution since the terrestrial casinos have become non-smoking. On the other hand, online casinos will not be able to prohibit you from smoking around the gaming tables.

The other option is for online casino live roulette tables from studios to land-based casinos.

Casters in studios have nothing to envy to casino casters

Unlike the first option, the live roulette tables are not in an authentic casino but in studios. The player faces a croupier filmed in real-time on a real gaming table. The only difference being that the casino as such does not exist but it is a studio that acts as a land-based casino.

All the live casinos presented in our guide have these live game tables from a studio regardless of the technology used from Evolution Gaming to Authentic Gaming via Ezugi, Visionary Igaming, or Netent Live.

Bonus at online live roulette tables: Take them or not, that's the question!

Online casinos specializing in live games offer paltry bonuses compared to traditional online casinos that do not have this technology. However, these casinos specializing in direct live roulette provide enormous added value by putting the player at the heart of the action who sits around real gaming tables.

Bonuses are generally 100% on the first deposit of players. Then, there is not really a bonus offered on the next deposits although it varies from one casino to another, and bonuses can be offered to the most loyal players. Real live roulette players are not “bonusovores”.

While it is always a pleasure to receive a small gift from the casino, do not rely on casino bonuses to get an idea of the value of the casino. It is better to rely more on the ranking of casinos in our guide. Do you like the game of roulette and are you an avid gamer loving the real game? Refer to our table and the tests of our team on the wheels of online casinos present on Casino♠️Poker.

Casino bonuses are generally not valid at live roulette tables. Even if a casino offers a bonus for playing live roulette, beware of wagering requirements. Indeed, during the withdrawal of winnings, it could be that the casino refuses to pay you because of not respecting the wagering requirements.

We advise you to refuse all bonuses in order to be able to withdraw your winnings when you wish. Friend’s advice.

The best live roulette technologies

There are several software programs that allow online players to play against real dealers around authentic casino roulette tables filmed in real-time via webcams.

Three live roulette software stand out and here they are ranked in order of preference: Authentic Gaming, Evolution Gaming, and Ezugi.

Authentic Gaming: the specialist!

Authentic Gaming is the best in this field simply because almost all of its tables are installed in real land casinos. The latest partnership is the Spielbank Bad Casino Homburg located in Germany. This being the case, some game tables are filmed live from studios like the Blaze Roulette open 24/7 (see paragraph above).

Evolution Gaming: Pioneering Live Game Software

As for Evolution Gaming, it provides players with an excellent range of games just like Ezugi with its many live roulette tables at real casinos. So, to get an idea of ​​the technologies specializing in traditional live game tables, we have published several videos to give an idea of ​​the tables that you will find in our ranking.

Ezugi: the software that goes up, and goes up!

Ezugi’s online live roulette tables are very well made, particularly those broadcast from casinos. The quality of the images and the streaming are perfect yet you need a good internet connection. The range of games is satisfactory and this software is increasing in quality and range of games.

Play Live Roulette on iOS and Android Mobile

We considered it essential to create this section because the players of live roulette from their mobile are becoming more and more numerous. Indeed, it is possible to play live roulette on mobile, especially on the tables of the Hippodrome Casino, Oracle Casino, Portomaso Casino, or even Casino de la Vallée (Italy), Royal Aarhus Casino and so on.

Holders of iOS and Android smartphones can access these tables directly on their mobile phones in one click, live from real dealers! These mobile live roulette tables can be found online at our favorites online casinos.

Playing live roulette on mobile is very easy, in particular thanks to technologies that allow you to always see the gaming table better with constantly better image quality. Thus, Authentic Gaming has developed its Hydra Mobile technology to allow players to play as if they were sitting in front of a dealer around real tables.

How to play casino live roulette?

Playing casino live roulette is very simple and it is no coincidence that this table game is the most popular of the traditional casino games. There are two colors on the wheel red and black. The roulette wheel has 37 numbers ranging from 0 to 36. The object of the game is to place chips on numbers or combinations of numbers and have the ball land on one of the numbers on which the player has bet.

Once the chips are placed on the green carpet, the croupier spins the wheel and throws the ball. The croupier (live roulette dealer) alternates the force of the launching of the ball as well as the wheel in order to respect the fairness of the game.

In addition, the dealer changes the direction of rotation of the wheel as well. You will find a table below which will help you see the odds as well as the payoffs for each combination. The lower the probability of winning, the higher the gain. Thus, betting on a full number (bet on a single number) can earn you 35 times your bet. This means that for 10 € bet, you can win 350 €!

Bet typeOdds (US)Odds (EU)Payout
Full number2.6%2.7%35 to 1
Split bet5.3%5.4%17  to 1
Street7.9%8.1%11 to 1
Square10.5%10.8%8 to 1
Bet on 5 numbers13.2%Unavailable6 to 1
Single cross15.8%16.2%5 to 1
Dozen / Column31.6%32.4%2 on 1
Even odd47.4%48.6%1 to 1
Red Black47.4%48.6%1 to 1
Pass / Miss47.4%48.6%1 to 1

Here is a table which should enlighten you otherwise we encourage you to consult our file on roulette bets and winnings.

Casino♠️Poker reveals its best online live roulette tables

The Casino♠️Poker team set out to test the various online live roulette tables at the Top Best Online Casinos. Here is our selection of live online roulettes from land-based casinos and studios.

Live roulette from casinos

We will start the list with Dragonara Roulette. This online roulette is broadcast live from the Dragonara Casino in Malta. For information, it is the largest gaming establishment on the island. Obviously, the two other partner casinos of Evolution Gaming, the Hippodrome Casino in London, and the Grand Casino in Bucharest are worth the detour!

The tables of Authentic Gaming software are essential. Playing live from the Saint-Vincent Casino in Italy, the Platinum Casino from Bucharest, or the Hilton Casino from Batumi and in the presence of players remains an unforgettable experience. The brand new Authentic Gaming online roulette table was released in May 2019 live from the Bad Homburg Casino (Germany).

These game tables are filmed in real-time by various technologies. Evolution Gaming and Authentic Gaming tables are our favorites. HD images broadcast live via multiple cameras allow online players to view the table from different angles with aerial, side, or front view.

Live roulette from studios

It is obvious that the live roulette tables of real casinos are the best. There are also roulette tables installed in studios which are also high standing. I am talking about the hardcore Immersive Roulette with its 17 HD cameras aimed at the carpet, the wheel, or the superb croupier with slowed down effects on the ball. A superb setting to take full advantage of a magical setting with visual effects and maximum conditions for the player to feel in a real casino.

The Lightning Roulette game has exceeded the expectations of Evolution Gaming. Since its launch in early 2018, this live studio roulette has enjoyed unprecedented success. Indeed, this game installed in the studio can win up to 500 times its stake. This roulette table is presented live but adds an ounce of luck with several multipliers. Casino♠️Poker has written a complete review on Lightning Roulette which we recommend you read here!

We could also add Speed Roulette from Evolution Gaming with its fast games. Finally, we will finish with the inevitable Blaze Roulette from Authentic Gaming. According to our information, this roulette studio has overtaken casino live roulette in terms of player influence. This shows the strength of this game which is open without interruption! This Studio Roulette 24/7 which, as you can see, is open continuously.

You will understand, online roulette tables are not lacking on the net. The table at the top of this page will allow you to play in the best online casinos that have these tables.

Which is more profitable Roulette live or Roulette machines with RNG?

We have seen that live roulette will be more profitable than the RNG versions of roulette. Indeed, you will have the impression of being at the casino with a croupier in front of you; you can communicate with him live.

In addition, although the stakes are often a little higher, know that the returns will be just as much on live roulette. We have repeatedly compared our odds of winning on RNG games and live dealer roulette, and there is no question… The option of live roulette games on online operators is much more entertaining and even more profitable!

A quality live roulette casino should offer you access to many variations

In order to offer you the best possible experience, a live roulette casino must provide you with unequaled gaming comfort, and this also means allowing you to vary the pleasures.

On a quality live roulette space, you will, therefore, find many variations. And yes, there is not one kind of live roulette but a dozen. French, European, American, Mexican roulette … Before registering at a casino, make sure that the interface for live games and especially live roulette offers a wide choice of versions. Thus, you will find the one made for you and will even be able to switch from one variant to another to enrich your sessions!

What are the best online casinos offering a live roulette system? Focus on games providers

As we said, to offer a live roulette system, casinos use game providers specialized or not in live roulette and in other games filmed and broadcast in real-time. You will therefore always find the best live casino rooms based on the gaming software that online casinos use. You should know that the geniuses in the field remain NetEnt, Ezugi but above all Evolution Gaming, the great manitou in the matter, specializing in the product of live dealer! If you opt for online casinos offering these publishers, you will be sure to make the right choice…

How to find a quality casino offering live roulette online? We help you

Before joining a live roulette online casino, you will need to pay attention to a wide range of elements, in order to make sure you make the best choice possible.

Among the things to check, the main ones will be:

  • Will the house edge allow me to generate decent winnings at online casino live roulette?
  • Will the bonuses be usable on the world of live roulette online?
  • Will many live roulette variants be available?
  • Will the tables be accessible 24 hours a day? 

To help you anticipate these different aspects and opt for the best live casino in the country, we offer you a complete overview of the quality of operators in our casino reviews. To find the best live platform in the country, go read them! 

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