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Roulette Strategy

One Roulette Strategy per Day

The roulette is a game that follows the ruthless rule of the absolute chance. Consequently, many players think that no approach strategy can help them. Let’s object! Indeed, Casino♠️Poker intends to deliver you a panoply of judicious advices intended to refine your skills in roulette to make you become a wise professional player. Therefore, be sure to apply these tips to the letter before registering in one of the online casinos in our directory. Connoisseurs know how certain details can make a difference…

Roulette Strategy

Discover here one roulette strategy per day: Become an ace in an instant

The roulette online is primarily a game of chance because it is impossible to predict on which number the ball will land. Each throw is independent which means that it is not impossible for the ball to fall several times in succession on the same number or the same color, although there is no number that most often falls on roulette …

In order to counter this, it is important during your first online roulette games to employ a safe roulette strategy. This will allow you to be more comfortable with the game before you start taking a little more risk. With a well-crafted system like the ones presented here, you can easily beat roulette and learn step by step how to win roulette at the casino!

Before applying a betting roulette strategy, build a mind of steel

In order to convince you to pay attention to our online roulette strategy section, we decided to confront you with the myths that drive superstitions in this game. Indeed, you will see that grigris and company will not allow you to climb the earnings scale. On the other hand, we are going to explain to you how to acquire a winning mind, by destroying all these superstitions, and chasing them from your heads. You will realize that a rational mind in online roulette will bring you much more than a superstitious mind.

Let’s start with a first roulette strategy that seems like nothing, but which could greatly change the situation… If you bet too large sums during your first attempts, you take the risk of very quickly burning your bankroll and may even be discouraged for your next sessions. It is also important to be in a good frame of mind when playing this will allow you to avoid the gross mistakes that are very expensive in the long run.

Do you want to know how to win at roulette? Do not neglect outside bets

Also note that specialists recommend that you opt for another roulette strategy: the use of so-called “outside” bets, whether it be European roulette or even American roulette. Indeed, betting on numbers that are red, black, even, or odd would give you an approximate 47% chance of winning the game. We are full of resources on the online casino world, and you will find that we have more than one trick up our sleeve to make you a winner. Indeed, we have even more useful tips for you so, continue reading!

Is martingale really the best roulette strategy? Our full analysis

Some of the roulette betting strategies are obviously the martingale strategy, Labouchère, Piquemouche or Alembert strategy. They generally consist of doubling the amount of the stake following a loss of money. It is often said that if the player wins using a martingale, he will eventually recover all of the stakes initially lost at one time or another, as soon as he wins a bet.

Find out how to win roulette at the casino with this technique: a practical case

The player plays € 1 on red and loses his first bet. He decides to apply a martingale and then invests twice, or € 2 on the next move, which he also loses. € 4 is then wagered and lost, then € 8, then € 16.

At this stage, he, therefore, invested € 31 in total. A red number comes out and he wins his bet, that is € 32. Despite a series of bad luck, he, therefore, managed to cover his losses and even made a net gain of € 1.

The martingale has its faults because there is no number that most often falls on roulette

In the case that we have just explored together, the martingale seems to be the best roulette strategy … However, it also displays significant flaws. Indeed, it only works in the ideal case where your bankroll would be unlimited.

Even if the player, for example, continually bets on a red square, there is no guarantee that the dealer will not draw a black square again and again. In addition, the player should rely on statistics that prove the unreliability of the Martingales:

  • Take the assumption that the roulette player would have a budget limit and could not exceed a wagering limit of 500 credits. If the latter starts with a single credit and it continually doubles following the Martingales instructions, it can only do so 9 times.
  • By the tenth bet, the player will have exceeded the limit. Not only will he have spent 511 credits, but if his ten bets fail, he will actually have lost much more because of the house advantage.

Take into account the house advantage over the variants: an effective roulette strategy

If you think it is possible to beat roulette on a regular basis with a particular betting system like martingales, this might not be enough. The only possible winner in the long term is the casino, given the advantage of zero (and double zero for American roulette). 

However, it is not said, during a lucky period, that you cannot win with regularity through martingales and other methods. You will see that these methods will be very useful in case of doubts during your online roulette games! So how do you win roulette?

Online roulette strategy includes another essential aspect when betting: you will need to focus on the games and casinos that offer the lowest possible house edge. The house roulette advantage is always critical as it is constant. For American Roulette, it is generally set at 5.20%, and for only 2.70% in the case of European Roulette.

You will understand, it will be essential for the player to turn to the most lucrative variant possible. Avoid as much as possible the American version, and lean rather towards French, English or European roulette.

On the latter, the prison setting rule is applied. However, it gives the casino an added advantage. Our roulette strategy: avoid being put in prison and prefer to share the bet (you immediately get half of your investment).

The subdivision of capital is a little-known but effective online roulette strategy

If there is one strategy that the player can afford to use on a roulette table, it is the one that was suggested by Andrez Martinez, when Roulette was all the rage in Los Angeles. Although it does not guarantee an undeniable victory, this method seems to hold up more than traditional martingales.

This strategy consists of dividing the player’s bankroll into 35 subdivisions. Each of the 35 subdivisions will form a unit of bet which will allow betting on a specific number – as the roulette has 35 pockets. This process is smart: if the player wins in the tenth round, he recovers all of his bankrolls and the remaining 25 subdivisions form an additional winning option. This process allows you to keep the perfect balance and never lose too much money.

Online Roulette strategy

What Should You Know About Roulette Strategy?

  • Always favor European roulette: it is that which is associated with the lowest house advantage (2.70%);
  • Always check the minimum and maximum bet limits of the roulette table you wish to play on;
  • All the strategies applicable to roulette can go hand in hand with the use of a specific betting system. 

Roulette Strategy Tips

When playing roulette, be aware that there are many strategy tips that you can put in place to improve your chances of winning big prizes!

When it comes to playing roulette, always keep the European soul

The best online casinos on the market will always offer you the American variants and European roulette. If you’ve never paid attention to this fraught detail, be aware that European roulette turns out to be a much better choice for players. The reason is that European roulette has only one pocket marked with a “0” where its American counterpart has two (a “0” and a “00”).

If the payouts are identical in the two variants, your chances of winning are much more to your advantage in European roulette (house advantage of 2.70% in European roulette against 5.26% in American roulette ).

Do not think that roulette systems are a quick fix!

Betting systems have no miraculous power … And even if we are the first to praise certain merits, know that their use will not guarantee you to win for sure. In roulette, if you do not want your gambling capital to melt like snow in the sun, the best thing to do is never take anything for granted (it is the case to say).

The betting systems come in different forms and under different names: the martingale, the d’Alembert system, the Fibonacci sequence, the James Bond strategy roulette … You can learn more about these betting systems on our site. However, be aware that none of them is able to completely annihilate the house advantage.

Oh yes! No matter how you put your bets on the table and the incantations you recite to conquer the favors of Dame Fortune, the house always has an advantage in the long term. And even if these betting systems obey an implacable mathematical logic, they will not allow you to win in the long term (only a good dose of luck will help you).

The most important thing in roulette is above all to have fun!

Isn’t roulette, above all, a game that gives pride of place to fun and entertainment? The only thing that matters is having a good time and considering your possible losses as mere leisure expenses. In roulette (like any other casino game), you will always have to place your bets out of love for the game and not out of financial interest.

Certainly, roulette will give you the opportunity to pocket a nice sum of money (and more is the better if that is the case) but never sit around a roulette table for the sole purpose of making your money grow or make it a profession. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Whatever you do, keep in mind that the odds will remain stubbornly favorable to the house.

Know the ratios and probabilities of each type of bet!

Although the “entertainment” factor should always be on the agenda when playing roulette, more and more players are coming to a roulette table without knowing the ins and outs. Players do not see fit to inquire about the different types of bet in the roulette universe and the probabilities of occurrence (payout reports) of each of them.

They just drop huge stacks of chips on any section of the table, without any discernment. As you can imagine, this type of behavior may not get you very far … But if you know the probabilities of occurrence of each type of bet, you will be better able to calculate the capital of play (“bankroll”) which you need to gain some invaluable victories.

As a general rule, outside bets (such as red or black numbers, even or odd numbers, etc.) offer the best chances of winning (you will win approximately 1/2). Here is a table that might interest you:

Roulette Strategy -European Roulette Table Layout
1.Full number35 to 12.7%
2.Split17 to 15.4%
3.Street11 to 18.1%
4.Square8 to 110.8%
5.0 – 1 – 2 – 38 to 110.8%
6.Single cross5 to 116.2%
7.Dozen2 on 132.4%
8.Column2 on 132.4%
9.Red Black1 to 148.6%
10.Even odd1 to 148.6%
11.Lack / Pass1 to 148.6%

Roulette Strategy Tips

Set a roulette budget and stick to it at all costs!

Before starting a game of roulette, plan a budget, and never dare exceed it! By doing so, this will allow you to minimize your possible losses. Once this sum has been used up, the time will come to leave the ship and return to your penates.

Poor management of your capital associated with a poor approach strategy will negatively impact the course of your game.

Never spend more than you can afford, in which case you risk falling into the reality of a pathological addiction. Likewise, do not seek to recover the losses suffered by frantically increasing your bets after each defeat.

The fall would be harder. You always have to leave with a pragmatic mindset. In life, there are days with and days without.

Choosing the size of your bankroll is of utmost importance. Coming home empty-handed after 3 rounds of roulette is certainly not an enviable experience. Also, make the effort to define beforehand the amount and the frequency of the bets that you plan to engage in.

Instead of placing random bets on the mat, we recommend that you plan your bets (10 low-value chips per round, for example). If the median duration of a round is one minute and you have decided to place 10 tokens per round, this means that you will need 600 tokens per hour.

If you play roulette for 5 hours straight (between 7 p.m. and midnight for a full evening), you will need 3,000 chips! Obviously, you have a good chance of winning during this period, but setting a base capital will help you cope with a series of losses (if any).

Never put your winnings back into play: cash them, rather!

Imagine for a moment that you have won a lump sum of money and that you have exhausted your budget (the one we suggested you constitute in the previous paragraph). Are you going to reinvest the profits you have gleaned from the roulette table or are you going to return home very wisely?

Casino♠️Poker warmly recommends the second option. Regardless of the amount of money you have earned, be balanced. What’s more, keep in mind that the wheel is spinning (that’s the case). It is not because you have benefited from a series of victories that providence will be eternally favorable to you.

Never put all of your previous winnings back into play. It is the best way to lose your hard-won gains with an eyelash flicker. We can never say it enough: in roulette, the casino will always have an advantage over the player. However, nothing prevents you from taking full advantage of casino bonuses to increase the density of your starting capital!

Low or High Variance Bets on Roulette - The Choice is Yours

Whichever strategy you choose, it is impossible to lower the odds in your favor. Whether you place your bet on an individual number or on a group of numbers, the odds will remain at the house advantage in the long run. If you bet on an individual number, this will cause more variance.

Indeed, although this type of bet makes you lose most of the time, you will win a colossal sum of money if the chance wants that the ball lands on the number you have chosen. Conversely, if you place a bet on a single odds (like even numbers, for example), you will win more frequently, but your winnings will be less staggering.

The rule is simple: the higher your chances of winning, the less your winnings will be. Use this premise to your advantage. Indeed, if you have the obligation to make a certain number of bets to unlock a bonus (for wagering requirements), it is better to make low variance bets on single odds. On the other hand, if you are in a bad position during a roulette tournament with the imminent outcome, it is better to place bets with a high variance!

In roulette, it's by forging that you become a blacksmith

Although some players may claim the opposite, this old adage has never been more fully applied than in the world of online casinos (and especially roulette). Indeed, to understand how a thing works, it is imperative to know the rules at your fingertips (in order to grasp its characteristics).

There are no secrets: to become a true roulette professional and master all the strategic tricks of this game, you have to play at length and put your observations on paper …

Do not think that your “research” will be limited to a few hours or a few days. This is a long-term process: it can take weeks, months, or even years. Always keep in mind that prolonged roulette wins are a long-term job that will test your deductive skills.

Who knows? Perhaps you will be the first to discover a foolproof method that can lower the odds of roulette in your favor? If you think you have a strategy to put forward, you would be well advised to try it out on our free roulette game to get to the heart of the matter.

Roulette Strategy and system

There is a wide range of taste of roulette strategy for everyone. They are all intended to maximize your profits in the short or medium-term while controlling the management of your losses. Unfortunately, each of them has also demonstrated its limits: they offer no guarantee of success.

Whether it is the martingale roulette strategy, the Paroli System, the Fibonacci sequence, or the d’Alembert roulette strategy, none is able to beat the casino in the long term. However, putting them into practice can be fun.

The betting systems can be positive or negative: the player will have to adjust his bets according to the result obtained during the previous round (victory or defeat). Let us introduce you to the most popular systems:

The Martingale Roulette Strategy

The martingale is the most famous roulette strategy in the casino world. It remains very popular with players due to the simplicity of its implementation. Its apparent effectiveness nonetheless remains both misleading and insidious. The concept of martingale comes down to double your bet after each defeat.

For example, if you bet € 10 during the first round and unfortunately lose your bet, you will have to bet € 20 during the next round to recover your lost initial bet. Even if long streaks of wins and losses are statistically less likely to occur than a balanced alternation between wins and losses, it is not impossible that they will occur in the long run.

And when the case arises, the martingale roulette strategy user may run up against the casino’s maximum bet limits or their own play capital limits. If you start a roulette game with a € 10 bet and suffer a series of 10 consecutive losing streaks, you will have to place a bet of 10.240 € during the eleventh round!

Using the martingale roulette strategy may cause colossal damage to your bankroll. A short series of defeats can be enough to hit the betting limits or to wipe out your gambling capital …

Learn more about the Roulette Martingale Strategy »

The Paroli System

The Paroli system is a positive progression roulette strategy whose mode of operation is the opposite of that of martingale. It consists of doubling your bet after each victory and returning to your initial bet after a defeat OR a series of successive victories.

If you start with a bet of € 1 and win it, you will have to bet € 2 in the next round. If you win again, you will need to place a € 4 bet in the next round, and so on until you lose or decide to return to your original bet. By definition, a series always has an end. It’s up to you to decide when to stop so that you don’t get caught up in the heat of the action, at the risk of major disappointments.

Many players tend to stop after 3 consecutive wins. One of the main advantages of the Paroli roulette strategy is that it does not require significant capital to be put into practice. In addition, it is a system that will allow you to earn more money during a succession of winning moves. Unlike the martingale, you will not seek to recover the losses you have suffered, but rather to maximize your gains.

Learn more about the Paroli Roulette Strategy »

The d'Alembert Roulette Strategy

Another very popular wagering roulette strategy in the casino world is the d’Alembert system. Also called “pyramid setting system”, d’Alembert’s roulette strategy is a negative progression system that owes its name to the 18th-century French mathematician, philosopher and encyclopedist Jean le Rond d’Alembert.

Based on the law of balance, this roulette strategy starts from the premise that an individual should expect a greater probability of victory immediately after a defeat (and vice versa). Unfortunately, the nature of casino games does not always abound in the sense of this law … Easy to put into practice, the player will increase his stake by one unit after each defeat and reduce it after each victory.

If you start with an initial bet of € 1 and lose it, your next bet will be € 2. If you lose it again, the next bet will be € 3. If you win it, you will go down to 2 € (one unit stake less). Each bet will necessarily be higher or lower than the previous one, depending on whether you win or lose.

D’Alembert’s roulette strategy is quite risky, as you could reach the maximum bet limits after too long a losing streak. However, it is a little less dangerous than martingale for the reasons that we explained to you previously.

Find out more about the d’Alembert Roulette Strategy »

The Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

The Fibonacci Roulette Strategy was theorized by the Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci in the work “Liber Abaci”, published in 1202. It was presented in the form of a recreational problem concerning the growth of a population of rabbits… acts of a coherent sequence of numbers: each number is equivalent to the sum of the two preceding numbers.

Here is what it looks like: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55 and so on … The roulette players used this sequence to build a betting system fairly easy to understand and relatively simple to use. At the start of the game, the player must define a reference bet (the minimum authorized bet, in general).

For example, let’s assume that it is € 1. Whenever he wins, the player places a new bet according to his progress on the sequential Fibonacci logic. In case of defeat, it moves back two rows. Despite its general nature, the Fibonacci sequence has the advantage of being a positive progression system which will command you to increase your bets in the event of a win only.

On the other hand (and this is the other side of the coin), if you use this system, you will have to accumulate at least 5 consecutive victories to start reaping nice gains…

  Learn more about the Fibonacci Roulette Strategy »

The system 1 - 3 - 2 - 6

For many players, roulette strategy like Martingale (or Paroli) are far too risky than being used. Although it can be intimidating, be aware that the 1 – 3 – 2 – 6 system is very easy to understand and put into practice. The name of this system already gives you precious indications on how to dispose of your benchmark unit stakes.

At the start of the game, a basic unit (let’s say € 1) should be defined according to the minimum table limits. Provided that you win your rounds, you must successively multiply your following bets by 3, 2, and 6. If you lose several games in a row, you continue to bet only one unit until you win.

If the defeat occurs in the middle or at the end of the cycle, you resume it from the beginning (and also if you manage to finish the cycle after 4 consecutive victories).

Learn more about the system 1 – 3 – 2 – 6  »

Use our strategic advice to play roulette optimally!

No matter what roulette strategy you choose, keep in mind that you will never be able to completely wipe out the casino’s profit margin. Following the advice we have given you throughout this article will help you approach a game of roulette with more serenity, but only luck will preside over your destiny. 

To help you in your showdown with the casino, don’t forget to also take advantage of the best bonuses on the current market. All the casinos listed on our official list have been subjected to objective and impartial evaluation. Be sure to find the right shoe for you. Browse our list and put your talent to the test right now around a roulette table!

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