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The Mexican Roulette

What is Mexican roulette worth? Does it make sense to choose this variant?

Today we offer you the opportunity to visit the land of tacos and tequila! However, no need to equip yourself with sunscreen for this trip, because in the place where we are going, you will not risk damaging your skin since this place does not even have a window. 

Indeed, we are going together to explore casinos in Mexico to learn more about roulette in their country. The Mexican roulette is less popular than the English, French or American versions, but still appeals to many gambling enthusiasts. That being said, stop talking and let’s discover together the unique characteristics of Mexican roulette.

Mexican Roulette

Our complete and clear presentation of Mexican roulette: finally simple explanations

Of all the variants of roulette, the Mexican version is the one with the most numbers on its counter. Indeed, like American roulette, the Mexican roulette has a double zero pocket, but also a triple zero pocket. Thus, this version of the Queen of casinos is the one that offers players the most adrenaline since the risk of loss is much greater in this version.

With Mexican roulette, you will be able to bet in various ways. Indeed, you will be able to bet on a single number, on single chances, or on multiple bets if you wish to win astronomical sums.

What will be the influence of triple zero on the Mexican roulette game? We analyze the situation

Even if the Mexican variant can save you a lot of money, we advise you to be very careful if you want to try it. Indeed, if you have bad luck and you come across one of the three zeros of roulette, then you lose all of your bets. It is therefore important to note that Mexican roulette has an advantage for the casino far superior to other variants of the famous game.

If you want to win big by playing roulette, we advise you to skip this version and prefer to play on the other variants of the famous game. In addition, it is rather rare to find an online casino that offers the game of Mexican roulette on its menu, since players generally prefer to bet on other variants that offer much higher chances of winning. It is up to you to know if you are ready to take as many risks as possible to try to win big at roulette. Nevertheless, if you like the challenge and thirst for adrenaline, you will be absolutely satisfied with this variant.

What are the most effective bets when I play Mexican roulette?

With the Mexican roulette game, you can, for example, bet on a dozen. You don’t know the principle? However, it is quite simple! Indeed, this bet allows you to bet on twelve numbers at a time. So, in case of a winning bet, you will get a real jackpot.

You also have the option of betting on the Pari Coin that allows players to put a token in the middle of four given numbers. A good way to significantly increase your chances of winning big!


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