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French Roulette

Our Special French Roulette File: how this variant works

We had discovered together in a previous article that the so-called American roulette had very specific characteristics. However, many other variants exist in the casino world and have also been transcribed in online establishments. Among online operators offering this table game to Europeans, you will, therefore, find the famous French roulette, also commonly called European roulette.

If you are an aficionado of this casino game and its various variants, this article will help you better understand how the French version works to take advantage of it! Read it carefully to understand what type of game will suit you best, and allow you to win more.

French Roulette

Initial presentation: first make a point on each French roulette rule

French roulette is the game originally designed by the famous mathematician Blaise Pascal born in France. The inventor of the first calculating machine, of “Pascaline” and of course of the French roulette wheel which was later reused by the casino operators, this French scientist was far from suspecting that he would one day allow playing circles to get rich thanks to roulette.

The French version has a wheel that has the shape of a cylinder and in which are present 37 pockets numbered from 0 to 36 in random order. Note that as in the case of American roulette, the pockets of French roulette are colored red and black. The French version of roulette differs from its cousin in the Americas by the presence of a single pocket 0, and the absence of a bet on the first five numbers. As for the rest, the French roulette rule is identical to that of the other versions.

Before you start, make sure you understand the structure of the French roulette mat

Have you never played on a French roulette table? Let us show you how a French roulette mat is structured. It will indeed be essential to master this element well, since you will have to be familiar with it to correctly place your chips on the table, and thus notify the dealer of the events on which you wish to bet.

French Roulette / European roulette Table Layout - English Roulette Table Layout

The prison rule: which French roulette strategy to use in this scenario

Let’s start by specifying that a bet made on zero is paid like on all other numbers.

But when you play French roulette, another rule is also in place. Indeed, if the ball lands on zero, it is impossible to determine whether the bets on “Pass / Miss” or “Even / Odd” are for example winners or losers. In this case, the dealer leaves two choices to the player:

  • The player can immediately recover half of his stake;
  • He can also put his stake in prison. The ball is then drawn again and a new number is taken into account in the results. If the player’s initial bet is realized, the entire stake is refunded; otherwise, the participant permanently loses his money.

Our roulette strategy for this situation: Avoid the “prison” which increases the casino’s advantage, and opt instead for a refund of half of your investment.

Cleverly bet on this variant: Effective bets at French roulette casino

French roulette turns out to be very interesting because it offers users a wide range of diverse and varied actions and bets. Among the most profitable bets on French roulette, you will find bets on the so-called final numbers (i.e. 0, 10, 20, and 30) but also on orphan numbers (1, 6, 9, 14, 17, 20, 31 and finally 34).

Full, Cross, or Split bets are also very lucrative. They pay the player between 11 and 35 times the amount of the initial bet. Please note: betting on the numbers of a dozen or ties is not recommended for the French version. This practice requires a minimum of knowledge and requires sufficient experience if you wish to take advantage of it.

Comparison of the house advantage over the American version and over French roulette

The French roulette casino presents different financial opportunities than its American neighbor since it does not have a double zero pocket. But are the gains larger for French roulette?

The answer is yes! Indeed, always keep in mind that the American variant has an advantage of 5.26% against only 2.7% for French or European roulette … A difference that will weigh heavily as you play!

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