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Scratch Cards 2024

Online scratch cards: understanding how to play scratch cards 2024

The members of our team have always had a particular attraction for scratch cards. As evidenced by our section entirely devoted to this ultra-popular entertainment and in which we will share our secret techniques and best tips to promote your chances of winning on this game in virtual casinos.

Online Scratch Cards

1. How to play Scratch Cards - We present each rule of the scratch games to you here

Scratch games are no big deal, and to become a winner you are going to need to make sure you know the basics of the game just like you would any other casino game. What could be better than learning in a good company? And yes, how about spending a little time with us, to understand absolutely everything there is to know about scratch cards at online casinos? Here you are entitled to high-quality express coaching so that you can learn all about the history of the game. You can also learn how to play step by step to chain the winnings to the scratch games that exist on virtual casinos!

1.1 The goal of the scratch cards game

It is important to take the time to consult the information on this page – and this section in general -, in order to master the operation of scratch tickets at your fingertips! When you are an online player and you scratch a game ticket, rest assured, your goal remains unchanged, it remains to earn money. To do this, you have several possible actions according to the scratch games rule specific to each ticket. You will therefore have to scratch with the help of your computer mouse this time, and no longer with a coin, the “gray” part indicated by the casino. The principle is therefore to:

  • Or find several identical symbols. The rarer the symbols, the higher the multiplier rate of your bet;
  • Either follow a rule of the game of a casino bestseller type “blackjack” ticket where you will have to scratch boxes which will have to hide figures higher than that of the bank box;
  • Or find specific numbers on the ticket and match them with a list you have on the side. The more numbers you have, the more you win;
  • Or find the same amount of money several times, if you meet the condition, then you win this amount.

Depending on the tickets, the rule changes and it is therefore very advisable to first read the lines of text on the ticket, which resume and explain the player’s goal.

1.2 The progress of a scratch cards game

The scratch game part is quite simple and fast, so you can do a few per minute if you want to have a high pace:

  •  We advise our readers to always start with a little reading of the rules and the paytable to see if the game is worthwhile;
  • You start by setting an initial stake. Of course, the more you bet, the bigger the potential winnings;
  • Then you hover the mouse cursor by clicking on the scratch areas. Sometimes the game offers you an auto mode, so the system is scratching for you;
  • Once the scratch area is completely clear, you will immediately see if you have made any winnings.

2. Our advice - Strategies to adopt to make online scratch cards games more profitable

So do not believe everything you are told about online scratch games … There really are strategies that you will be able to apply to see the winnings accumulate. Indeed, we have unearthed more than one to allow you to reach your destination by allowing you to understand how to win at scratch games even more often. We will show you by A plus B, that adopting a certain attitude towards online scratch games could do your wallet a lot of good. We have more than one trick in our bag, and know that we have already implemented these strategies on several occasions, and we never came back empty-handed …

For example, you will notice when browsing the online casinos that we recommend, that they are developing in relation to game publishers, more and more scratch games because the success is there, the players really appreciate it. This is why sometimes you have very large game libraries that are difficult to choose from.

Our advice is to always get closer to a game that amuses you, which includes a theme that you particularly enjoy and which will never tire you after the first scratch. For this choice to be successful, you can use the free tickets.

Also, remember to choose your tickets according to the redistribution rate of the games. And yes, not all cards offer the same chances of generating winnings. The cards that win the most are indeed those offering a player payout rate of around 97 – 99%.

Of course, to make your job easier, we direct you to the most profitable games on the web in our dedicated articles.

3. The best casinos - What are the best online scratch cards?

Knowing how to play the game and being a perfect strategist is one thing, but playing for real money at the Best Online Casinos is another! We will guide you to the biggest online gaming brands specializing in the promotion of interactive cards. How? ‘Or’ What? We analyze the platforms offering this game for you, in order to identify the best online cards. As soon as we find a suitable candidate, we share our thoughts on them with you. You will therefore find on our site a set of casino reviews and will obtain in particular a point concerning:

  • The game library and the quality of scratch games offered on the interface;
  • The generosity of the bonuses usable on this type of games;
  • Site security in terms of deposit, responsible gaming, and machine fairness;
  • The efficiency of the customer service provided by the casino platform;
  • The fluidity of the mobile site or the proposed application …

So don’t hesitate to read our reviews in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each operator, and thus turn to the casino able to offer you the best possible experience!

4. Bonuses - Gifts to keep you having more fun with online scratch cards

If more and more players are setting their sights on online scratch games, it is because they have a whole host of financial advantages. Indeed, the new generation scratch tickets are much cheaper than the games that you will be able to find at your tobacconist, but at the same time have much higher chances of winning.

So if we add to that the specialized bonuses for this game, you will very quickly explode your winning record. To allow you to take advantage of these generous offers, we invite you to read this explanatory paragraph which takes stock with you on the concept of bonuses in scratch games.

4.1 Free bonuses

Free bonuses are arguably the favorite promotion of casino players. Indeed, this offer allows fans of online scratch games to test the game of their choice for real money, without having to wager anything out of their pocket. Free bonuses can be offered to you when you register on an online scratch card platform or occasionally. Free bonuses generally do not exceed € 20. However, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. Indeed, with these offers, you will be able to play for real money, without investing your own money. Know how to take full advantage of it!

4.2 Scratch Cards deposit bonuses

The deposit bonuses of the scratch games will allow you to increase your playing capital without having to dip into your own savings. Indeed, this kind of promotion which is generally offered to you when you register on online scratch games platforms allows you to recover an additional percentage of the total amount of your deposit.

For example, if an online casino offers you a deposit bonus of 100% up to € 200, this means that if you deposit € 200, you will be able to add an additional € 200 to your playing capital, all in a way completely free.

4.3 Free spins bonuses

If the free spins bonuses are generally reserved for slot machines, we also find this juicy promotion on scratch games. The concept is simple: free spins represent a number of free spins that will be offered to you free of charge by the casino to allow you to scratch without having to play with your own savings. 

For example, if the casino offers you 10 free spins, it means that you will be able to scratch a virtual card 10 times in a row, all without having to put your own money into play. So try not to miss out on this ultra-generous offer!

5. The advantages of scratch cards on the Internet - 3 reasons to prefer them

If so many players have been seduced by online scratch cards, there has to be a reason. Indeed, in addition to their unlimited accessibility, the new generation scratch games have a whole host of advantages. To prove it to you, we have chosen to list them for you through this section!

5.1 Spend less to earn more

The main advantages of scratch games are, of course, their low prices! Indeed, some online scratch games are available from € 0.01! But that’s not all. 

In addition to making games available to you at a lower cost, the chance of winning is much greater with new generation scratch games. For example, the European game with the highest payout rate is the Millionaire® game with its rate of 73.5%.

On the other hand, to be able to benefit from the rather advantageous odds of winning this scratch cards game, you will have to put your hand in your pocket since a Millionnaire® scratch card costs € 10. In contrast, most online scratch games have payout rates between 80% and 98%. It would therefore be much more advantageous for you to take advantage of these high redistribution rates at low prices. 

For example, the NetEnt scratch game with the highest payout rate is Treasure Hunt ™ with its 93.30% payout rate. Although the latter has very attractive winning probabilities, it is still inexpensive since you will be able to benefit from it from € 1 stake. We are therefore far from the return rate of 73.5% for a € 10 stake in the Millionnaire® game!

5.2 Enjoy a colossal choice of scratch games

The choice of physical cards is substantial, but far from equaling that which players will be able to enjoy on online scratch games platforms. Indeed, there are a whole bunch of publishers of virtual scratch games. Thanks to this stiff competition, you will be able to enjoy an absolutely colossal choice of games. Among the most popular developers among gamers, we find NetEnt, NextGen Gaming, Rival, and Gamescale!

5.3 Free Scratch Cards

To choose your favorite scratch game, you will have to try several. And the great thing about virtual scratch cards is that you can try out a whole bunch of games without ever spending a dime. In fact, most of the online casinos that offer this kind of entertainment on their game menus allow you to enjoy these games for free with the fun mode. You will therefore be able to take the opportunity to try your luck on many games to choose the one that will bring you the most!

Scratch Cards

The different scratch games offered

We mentioned the variance above, and this is closely tied with a game’s odds. The lower the variance, the better the odds of winning for online players (but the smaller the typical prize). This chart outlines the relationship between the cost of scratch tickets, potential jackpots, and the odds of winning a prize:

Ticket TypeTop PrizeOddsOdds
$1$10,0001 in 700,0001 in 4
$1$25,0001 in 1,400,0001 in 4
$2$25,0001 in 825,0001 in 4
$4$50,0001 in 600,0001 in 4
$5$100,0001 in 666,6671 in 4
$5 Crosswords$100,0001 in 1,700,0001 in 4
$5 10X The Cash$100,0001 in 1,1750,0001 in 4
$5 Live the Life$1,000 a week
for 5 years
1 in 750,0001 in 4
$6$300,0001 in 600,0001 in 4
$10$500,0001 in 500,0001 in 4
$10 25X The Cash$250,0001 in 600,0001 in 4
$10 Live the Life$2,500 a week
for 5 years
1 in 525,0001 in 4
$15$1,000,0001 in 1,500,0001 in 3
$20$200,0001 in 300,0001 in 2

6. Other Infos - Know everything before embarking on online casinos with scratch games

After the rules and strategies, it’s time for odds and ends on the subject of online scratch games. Wondering if these scratch games have already got their tickets to Hollywood? Or if the news of this game is sulfurous? Well, know that it is exactly in this section of our file, that we will make sure to tell you more! You will see that combining the useful with the pleasant, as far as interactive scratch games are concerned, is now possible. Wondering what to expect in this section?

7. Playing scratch cards FAQs

⭐ Where to play online scratch cards?

We offer you a list of the Top Best Online Casinos that offer the possibility of playing scratch games. The online version of the scratch cards brings many advantages as you can see by clicking on our article.

⭐ Which is the most winning scratch card game?

Astro, Défoulo, Solitaire, Millionaire, Cash, and Bingo, … We all know the “real” scratch games that make you win in tobacco shops. But do you know the best online scratch cards? If not, we invite you to read our article.

⭐ How to win in scratch cards?

Scratch games use the luck factor, which makes it impossible to predict your victory. However, there are strategies that can help you reduce your chances of losing. We’ve got a full guide here.

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