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How much can you earn with scratch cards 2024

Scratch games are now an integral part of our daily lives. Indeed, who has never been tempted by the many colorful scratch cards that you see in the window at your tobacconist? It must be said that these compete for good ideas to make you want to try your luck!

The last jackpots won are displayed on large posters near the counter in capital letters and we look at them, the first sentence that comes to mind is: “Why not me? “. But then, how much can you really win with scratch cards? To give you a very precise idea of ​​the different amounts involved in the offline games and on the online scratch cards, we have chosen to present them to you in this complete article.

How much can you earn with scratch cards

On the online gaming side

If you want to try to win very large amounts during your scratching sessions, we recommend that you instead turn to online scratch games. Indeed, the editors make available to the players very hefty amounts for minimal prices! We therefore chose to inspect 3 games from the range of developer NetEnt:

Scratch gamesTicket priceMaximum gain
7 Gold Scratch ™€ 2€ 100,000
Lucky Double ™€ 2100 100 €
Triple Wins Star Ticket ™€ 1€ 50,000

The maximum gain at stake on these three tickets is that of the Lucky Double ™ game which amounts to € 100,100. The jackpot is therefore very honorable, especially since you will only need to bet € 2 to try to win it! This is clearly more advantageous than the offline games.

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