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How to Win at Scratch Cards

How to win in scratch cards? A selection of 7 original tips

The games of money and chance have always known how to unite a large number of users and are part of these booming casino games. Indeed, the promise of easily won gains quickly gave the mouth water to millions of players. And to counter the chance, many players have developed various methods and strategies supposed to allow them to win every time.

Online scratch games are therefore no exception to the rule. Indeed, many players use this kind of tricks so that the chance of winning is more important. In this article, we have chosen to present the most popular methods for you to know how to win at scratch games in every scratch session!

How to Win at Scratch Cards

1. For strategists: Choose tickets with particular attention


When you scratch on the Internet, you usually don’t do it just once, so you’ll be repeating the actions several times in a row. It is therefore in your best interest to evolve on tickets that amuse you so that the game remains a pleasure throughout your experience.

We told you, if you want to know how to win at scratch cards, it is best in our opinion that you choose a game theme that inspires you with an attractive paytable. To do this, you have the option of using the free games. You will be able to access it without having to deposit. We have a whole bunch of them on our site that will allow you to make your selection and then you can be redirected to the online casinos with some of the best scratch cards, and thus get mind-blowing deposit bonuses.

2. For Highrollers: Bet max to boost the probability of winning in scratch games

It must be clear to you, there is a relationship of proportionality between the bet you are going to make and the winnings you could make. Indeed, the more you bet, the more your profit will be important if the luck is there.

It is therefore possible to make very interesting profits with bets of around ten euros, especially if you manage to land multiplying combinations of X 10,000 which exist in many games. The probability of winning in scratch cards then becomes more than interesting …

3. For gourmets: Opt for scratch games with a progressive jackpot

The progressive jackpot is a very profitable game mode. You certainly know the principle: the players are united on the same network when they connect to the game and with each bet they make, a part will be integrated into the jackpot which can in this case increase very quickly.

To win it, you must always bet the maximum. This means that even if you don’t win the jackpot, your winnings will still be significant and then if you have the chance to hit the jackpot, then there are several hundred thousand euros that will make you happy. in less than a second.


4. For those with a competitive spirit: Turn to scratch card tournaments

Tournaments of this type can be an interesting solution for players who want to get out of the ordinary. When you start a scratch tournament, there are several players starting the game with the same bankroll.

The advantages of scratch cards practiced through tournaments are numerous. First of all, registration is free. In addition, participating in this type of promotion can still earn you a good amount of real money. The goal of the game is simple, finish with the highest bankroll to climb into the first places and thus cash in the winnings.

5. For fetishists: Go for the Number Fétiche® and Astro® tickets

This first method is undoubtedly the favorite of superstitious players. Indeed, the scratch card company Illiko, which supplies its famous games to the Française des Jeux, has set up scratch cards online or in stores with a unique concept: the Astro® and Number Fétiche® cards.

The former allows you to choose a card with the effigy of your astrological sign to bring you luck, and the latter, as their name suggests, allow you to bet on your lucky number (s) to hope to win winnings. Thus, many scratch ticket enthusiasts turn to these two categories of scratch games to promote their chances of winning. Which, let’s be honest, won’t change your odds of buying a winning ticket at all. But if that can please the superstitious, so much the better!

6. For determinists: Choose tickets at random


If the chances of generating significant winnings in scratch games are based on chance, we might as well rely entirely on this luck factor to hope to win as much money as possible on online scratch games. So while most tobacconists allow you to select which scratch cards you want to play on, many gamers choose to place their fate in the hands of the seller and let them select your scratch ticket themselves.

However, do not blame the innocent hand of the tobacconist if the card he selected for you won’t get you anything. Indeed, the latter also has no way of knowing which tickets will be winners among the number of cards issued to him. If that were the case, the brave men would have all closed shop and afford early retirement in the islands! So, if you want to leave it to chance, you will have to assume …

7. For the superstitious: Play tickets on Friday the 13th

If there is one day in the year when tobacconists are overwhelmed, it is Fridays 13. Indeed, many players flock to buy scratch tickets online or hard in order to take advantage of the supposed mystical virtues. of this very special day. Once again, let’s be rational, buying a scratch card on a Friday the 13th is by no means guaranteed to make you money.

However, if like many French people, you want to coax Dame Chance on her birthday, we advise you to get up early to go and buy your precious ticket at the risk of finding yourself in an endless queue. Indeed, frequentation of tobacco shops literally explodes on Fridays 13. You will not be able to say that you have not been warned!

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