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Online Keno

Online Keno: the guide to playing winning Keno at online casinos 2024

Are you looking for a game exclusively based on full chance? If this is the case, no need to look any further. If you have never played online keno before, you will be amazed to learn that you will now have the option of playing it at a land-based casino or an online casino. Before setting your sights on keno, it is still better to familiarize yourself with some strategic tips as well as advice related to the sound management of your gambling capital in order to maximize your earnings.

Keno is a casino game that has ancient origins and yet has not aged a bit! Here, we will help you progress in the long term: the rules of online keno, the techniques to use to earn more. Take advantage of this Special Report to improve your knowledge.

As soon as you are done, choose one of the online casinos from our official list!

Online Keno

Finding a Casino with Online Keno

Finding an online casino where you can play online keno is far from easy, especially if you’ve never played at an online casino in your life. With our list of online casinos, you don’t have to waste your time trying to find one. We’ve done the job for you. Choose from the online casinos that we have listed in order to enjoy an absolutely mind-blowing gaming experience.

How to Play Online Keno?

Whether you are lying on the sofa in your living room or stuck in an endless queue, you might as well take the opportunity to discover online keno, a game with childishly simple rules. Online Keno sounds like a lottery game. Select the numbers of your choice and let fate take care of the rest! Depending on the online casino you have chosen, the house advantage varies between 25 and 40%. Learn more about how to play keno »

Online Keno Rules - Discover how the game works and become a professional online keno player

How to play online keno? Good question! First of all, you should know that online keno is a game that is easy to master and whose rules are different from other drawing games. For example, in bingo, you do not have the option of selecting your combination of numbers. Keno allows it! To start the game, you just have to fill in the grids, tick the numbers you want to play, and wait for the draw to take place and without needing a bailiff to control it.

Among 80 numbers, you will have to select between 2 and 10 for the “winning keno for life”, or between 6 and 20 on the Internet games. Depending on the mode of play you choose, you can even ask the machine to randomly select results for you: you then leave your fate entirely in the hands of fate.

During the draw, the 80 balls will be present in the rotating cage, and 20 will be selected. If a large number of them correspond to the numbers previously checked by you, you will then win a sum of money varying according to the amount invested and the number of numbers played.

What are the stages of an online keno game?

I. Choose an online keno game!

The first step is to choose an online casino where you can play online keno. Before proceeding with your registration, do not forget to consult the different variations of keno of your online casino because their respective rules are likely to vary. 

II. Select numbers from your grid!

Once you have found the variant of online keno that meets your expectations, you will need to use your mouse to select numbers from your grid. Usually, an online keno grid consists of 80 numbers. During a game of keno, you will have a minimum and a maximum number of numbers to choose from. As a general rule, the minimum is 1 and the maximum is 20.

Obviously, it all depends on the online keno variant you choose! The more numbers you choose, the higher your potential winnings will be. Depending on the type of operating software, the odds of winning will vary. However, it is universally accepted that picking just one number offers the lowest probability of winning. In fact, make sure you choose at least two!

III. Choose the amount of your bet!

Once you have chosen your numbers, you will need to determine the amount of wager you wish to put into play. Usually, the amount you will be able to wager will vary from casino to casino. Most of the time, the minimum bet will hover around € 1 where the maximum bet will peak at € 10. As soon as you have chosen your numbers and defined the amount of your bet, you will not be able to go back. In other words, rest assured that you are making the right decision. 

IV. Let chance decide your fate!

After pressing ‘Play One’ or ‘Play Five’, make way for the draw! ‘Play One’ involves only one draw. If you choose ‘Play Five’ there will be 5. Your numbers and bets will be fixed for 5 consecutive rounds. Depending on the draw, you may or may not win winnings.

If you don’t feel like playing real money online keno yet, you might as well get your hands on our free version of online keno. Playing it will let you know if this type of game is right for you. Take the opportunity to put our strategic advice into action! Also, learn how to manage your budget optimally. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Online keno strategies

The popularity of online keno in land and online casinos is explained by its attractive jackpots and its advantageous payouts. Although there is no way to condition a victory by trickery, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of the few tips that we give you below:  

  • Try our free online keno game before playing for real money.
  • Find a casino that offers good payouts.
  • Sign up at a casino that offers a welcome bonus that is well worth it.
  • Don’t choose too many numbers.
  • Take the odds into consideration.
  • Place your bets with wisdom and discernment.
  • Manage your gambling capital with intelligence.
  • See our article on keno strategies for more information on tips to maximize your chances.

How to manage your online keno budget?

  Following the same logic as in any game where you will have to place bets, managing your budget will play a major role. In online keno, you will have the possibility of winning substantial gains by betting only a small part of your capital. 

As you will have noticed, online keno works the same way as a lottery. One of the major differences is in the amount of money players choose to bet. 

Typically, a lottery ticket will only cost you a pittance. In fact, you won’t be using your monthly salary very much to gamble. 

On the other hand, in online keno, you will have to place bets during each round. For example, if you place a bet of € 5 and go for a ‘Play 5’, it will cost you € 25. 

If you’ve never played online keno before, know that it is easy to be devoured by the heat of the moment. 

No need to panic, however! The experts of Let’s play at the Casino have written an article devoted to the sound management of your gambling capital.

Online Keno

What do you need to know about online keno?

  • Online Keno is a game of chance based on the lottery principle;
  • The rules of online keno are childishly simple;
  • The house advantage of online keno is between 25 and 40% depending on the casino in which you are going to play.

The evolution of keno to online keno throughout history

Although the origins of keno are shrouded in mystery, there is some agreement that it dates back thousands of years. Indeed, it seems to have appeared in China about 3,000 years ago, under the regime of Cheng Leung (Han dynasty). In its original form, the game, much appreciated by many Chinese citizens, including 120 sinograms (instead of numbers). In the middle of the 19th century, keno was introduced to the United States, helped by the arrival of Chinese workers who came to build railroads.

The sinograms were quickly replaced by numbers to facilitate its establishment on the American market. However, due to a law against gambling (except the lottery) enacted in the state of Nevada, keno was renamed ‘Horse Race Keno’ due to the legality of horse shows.

Online Keno only recovered its appellation of origin after the legal status of the lottery was restored. Keno has become democratized in most countries of the world. It is a game that has succeeded in captivating many peoples.

It is played mainly in America, Europe, Southeast Asia as well as Australia. In land-based casinos, players check off their numbers using a pencil. They use a manual abacus or an 80-ball blower abacus to perform the draw. 

Imported to the United States during the great migratory movements of the last millennium, keno then established itself as one of the most popular lottery games, before spreading throughout the world.

Our advice for Online Keno - Reliable techniques exist: each keno tip making the difference during a game

Now you want to know how to win online keno? For that, you will have to start by learning each keno strategy and secret online keno thanks to our platform. To allow you to perfect your knowledge, we have indeed brought together the crème de la crème of the most effective techniques for generating earnings.

Can the rule of averages help you anticipate draws? Does this trick really work?

In online keno, for example, there is a method called the rule of averages: online keno rather well thought out tip … Allowing to increase the keno gain, it is based on good memory and a little logic. Indeed, by remembering the previous numbers, we can possibly guess one or more keno draws in advance. Generally, a few numbers are not often drawn in keno, which gives the player an additional margin in predicting the right draw during your games as during your tournaments.

The reverse of the averages rule is to bet on the numbers that fall most frequently. Some statistical tools that can be found on the Internet can help you compose a list of numbers that are the subject of regular draws. It’s a great way for someone to make money.

Betting on consecutive numbers may perhaps be the solution: we explain why here

Other techniques also exist and are easy to set up. During your games, you may find that a few consecutive numbers are sometimes drawn.

Some punters like to bet on various numbers, but also remember that betting on a few consecutive numbers can lead to victory.

Limiting breakage by not playing all the numbers: the most radical chance of winning

What is difficult in online keno is that it is risky to be able to draw all the correct numbers. In this game of chance, it is almost impossible to predict keno results and to rely on online keno statistics. Also, we advise you to bet on a small number of numbers for maximum success. Just choose 7 or 8 numbers. To learn even more about these different elements, we invite you to explore the different pages dedicated to our techniques!

Have fun directly on the internet if you don't want to wait until the next draw

This casino game wasted no time in joining the game libraries of virtual casinos. And what is convenient with online keno is that you will be able to enjoy an instant draw. How? ‘Or’ What? Thanks to the flash games present on the virtual casinos, which will allow you to have the result live and quickly accumulate the euros, in two steps three movements.

If before, you had to wait impatiently for the noon or evening draw, grill in hand and television set on, with these establishments, it is much simpler and faster. In the event of a good online keno prognosis, the numbers you have chosen will be selected. So you no longer have to wait to get your winning online keno draw.

Another positive point, you will not even need to go to a newsagent in order to be able to participate in the next draw, since everything is done online. The Euromillions and the Super Loto can therefore go get dressed!

The winnings - Can we win at online keno? Let's zoom in on the remuneration of this lottery game which seduces so much

With its new game option “Winning Keno for life”, some states offer you to win your choice of millions of cash or more per year for life. Of course, this is the payout if you place the maximum bet. You can choose to invest between € 1 and € 10 per grid.

You then choose to tick between 2 and 10 numbers. The maximum gain is therefore won if you invest € 10 and bet on 10 numbers. By opting for fewer numbers, however, you will have more chance of winning, but the latter will be less, as you will see by consulting the online keno gain grid summarizing each payment, and therefore answering very clearly the question ” can we win at keno ”.

It is also important to note that online keno will allow you to win much more money than playing through the national gaming entity since the payout rates of virtual casinos are much more advantageous. The online keno statistics will therefore be to your advantage. This is also the case with other casino games of chance, such as slot machines, video poker, blackjack, or baccarat. As they say, it is good to play on the web and thus win online keno gains.

To play this way, you should go for casinos with the lowest possible house edge. On all of your multiple wins, the casino charges a commission which is generally around 5%. To put the odds on your side, stay away from overly greedy casinos. The rule also works for all games. So, never gamble and select your new games wisely.

Online Keno Variants - Discover the different versions of the game and boost your keno results

As you know now, you will have the choice between the option “Keno winner for life” governed by the State, or those offered on the internet thanks to each online keno software. Via this last medium, the variants will also be diverse and varied, for your greatest pleasure!

You can therefore test variants of the famous game to optimize your games, such as 40-ball keno, online keno on which a multiplier is applied, the joker number which will ensure you maximum chances of victory or even keno with a progressive jackpot for a big jackpot of one million euros. Power Keno, Super Keno, Top Bottom Keno: you will be spoiled for choice …

We advise you to practice in fun mode to compare the various and varied games present, a games area on which you will not bet a single euro cent. Once you have chosen the games you prefer and that you have played for free, all you have to do is close the “discovery mode” of the site, go back to reception, create a player account and switch to “paid mode” »: The keno games to try to pocket the jackpot.

Themes, functions and variations: the game of online keno comes in a thousand and one ways. You will find grids, as colorful as they are fun, which will make you rediscover the game of online keno. On the web, each major casino offers a selection of keno games in its game library. On average, you will find more than twenty different games.

Player profiles - From beginners to the specialist in keno forecasting, here are the players you will meet

Fans of betting on the various online keno entertainments each have their own specificities. It is fun to explore the elements that characterize them. In this more entertaining section, we offer you a funny portrait of your playmates!

The great beginner

Having never consulted the rules of the game, he checks as many numbers as authorized. He hopes to win the fortune by leaving it entirely in the hands of fate … Entertainment is his only goal, and the potential gains from the game would only enhance his pleasure of playing. He will keep smiling whatever the outcome of the draw and may end up – who knows – by learning how online keno works on the job …

The great expert

With his years of experience, reinforced by reading many websites and specialized books as well as by consulting videos full of advice, it is in a mathematical way that he approaches his online keno grid. He had previously consulted the results of 12,254 previous draws, established precise tactics, and thus determined the number of boxes to be checked, as well as the numbers to be played, relying entirely on the statistics. Rather tense player, he is not there to laugh but to win.

The superstitious

The mixture of the two previous profiles, this user knows that the statistics are not to be ignored, but can not help but play the numbers which are dear to him. Birthday dates, children’s ages… He prefers to keep a light mind without taking his games too seriously. Observe him carefully during the draw: rabbit’s foot in the pocket, you will surely see him crossing his fingers while touching wood.

The other guides - To further boost your keno statistics, here are the resources to use

Our site provides you with precise information to increase your chances of winning an online keno draw. But to complete your training, nothing like varying your sources by also consulting other specialized books. We have prepared a summary of the best of them for you …

"Understanding and increasing your chances of winning at keno": the key work of Guy Jean Claude

The famous statistician – well known for his work on gambling – explains step by step, in a simple and well-written way, how a player can complete a winning grid by putting in place basic techniques.

Written without jargon, it summarizes the chances of winning on the different media that you can use during your games.

How many online keno winners per day have achieved victory using the methods in this book? Probably hundreds …

"I want to win at Keno - Life annuity": Gilles Santini gives you 1001 little well-kept secrets

This barely 30 pages book brings together 13 new systems that will help you put in place effective techniques to try to win more tables.

Based on simple principles, these methods allow you to win even when betting a large number of numbers while minimizing your initial bet.

Play keno online!

Due to strong demand, many online casinos have had no choice but to recreate the atmosphere of online keno on their virtual platforms. Instead of using crayons, you will use your mouse to choose different numbers from your online keno grid. Completely flap after a hard day’s work? If so, why not take some fun while playing online keno? Choose an online casino and play it now!

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