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How to Win at Keno

How to win at keno: the most secret tips finally revealed

Doubling your chances of winning at keno with each draw is the crazy bet that our guide invites you to discover. We have sifted through the techniques that will let you know how to win keno consistently!

How to win at keno

Are you wondering how to win at keno for sure? Here's how our guide can help

Based on the shocking revelations of two keno geniuses, Raphael Guillard – author of the famous “Win 6 numbers in keno” – and Antoine Leroy who managed to identify some concepts behind the draw mechanisms, we suggest a method to understand how to win keno.

Obviously, this keno strategy is not a guarantee of winning every time, but it is always one more option, and an additional arrow to put to your bow. To set it up, all you have to do is connect to the casino website to land on the keno section. You will be able to avoid tapping on the different options offered, to go directly to the source of income!

How to win at keno: We allow you to anticipate the best keno numbers to boost your earnings during your games

This strategy allowing you to better understand how to win at keno is based on a real mathematical method that is used to estimate the progressions of a given factor. In mathematics or rather in statistics, you surely remember that to determine the shape of a curve, you needed an equation.

Well, we are not asking you to remember this equation or to bring out your high school notebooks, but to read the principle behind this equation, which is that of N-1. Here is a summary of what you need to remember to be able to apply the strategy and start making good money playing keno online.

You will see, these keno reduction systems are very easy to learn: you just have to always choose a number of the most used combination and subtract 1, which is the logic of N-1. You will have a more than a 1 in 3 or even a 1 in 2 chance of winning. So, on 10 numbers played your luck will be doubled.

If you want to know how to win at keno on a regular basis, you need to pay attention to the latest draws.

Are you wondering how to win at keno for sure with this method? It is very simple. Before choosing your numbers, be sure to look at the winning numbers that came out most often in the last few draws.

To do this, you can go to the website of an online casino. At the bottom of the keno page, you will find the option “Download the history of the draws”, just like on the area dedicated to the lottery. You can thus obtain a history gathering the results for several years, all in an Excel file. After a few basic manipulations, you will then be able to extract the numbers and apply the keno tips presented above: you will thus know how to win keno.

How to win at keno: What about my lucky numbers? These are not the numbers that go out the most in keno, so forget them

We know you have your favorite numbers, but for our technique to work, we will need to make sure to look at the last numbers drawn. Eliminate the numbers that came out less than 3 times and focus on the others by subtracting the value of 1 from each of them.

Your chances of winning keno with your usual numbers will indeed be minimal … If you are wondering “how to win keno for sure” or “how to win at keno regularly”, you now know the answer … Thanks to our keno tips, you now have all the keys in hand to win thousands of euros on your combinations by defying chance on this extraordinary game!

* Bonus technique * to know how to win at keno: choose consecutive numbers from time to time

We allow you to go even further and discover how to win at keno with another method of selecting items to check off on the number grid.

Among the best keno numbers, you can play are consecutive numbers as well. And yes, few players think about it … Do you also tend to check the numbers as scattered as possible on the ticket? This is not necessarily a good idea …

Statistics prove that selecting consecutive numbers (for example 22 – 23 – 24) increases your chances of winning and is one of the tips to win keno that work the best!

How to Win at Keno: 5 Tips

Keno is possibly the most underrated casino game around. Many gamers still think of it as a game that can only be played at the retirement home. Or that there is no other way to win Keno than to be extremely lucky.

Let’s be clear from the start: this is not the case.

Contrary to popular belief, you CAN use your wits and skills to learn how to win at Keno.

You can find plenty of Keno strategies that are created to make you lose every time. This is what a lot of casinos want, after all.

And while you can’t really beat the casino for the long haul in any casino game, I’ve put together some tips for you that actually work to win more at Keno.

It is not a betting system with a funny name. It’s also not an obscure stats sheet on numbers. And that’s not the kind of advice that would get you fired for cheating from a casino in Las Vegas.

But these are tips of Keno strategy that have been proven around the world. There is nothing wrong with trying them out for yourself, especially if you are starting out playing Keno for free for fun.

How to win at keno: Choose the casinos (and games) with the best payouts

This may sound obvious to you, but you would be surprised how many players do not follow this basic rule.

Even if you have your favorite online casino for playing slots or other casino games, it might not be the place to play Keno. You need to check how many Keno variations are available and what the payouts are when you guess the right numbers.

In most online casinos you can choose up to 10, 15, or 20 numbers to bet and 20 out of 80 numbers are drawn.

The best online payouts are often around 1/1 to guess a number and reach 2000/1 for every ten numbers found.

This progression can continue if you choose more than ten numbers. For example, if you can pick 15 good numbers, you might get paid 10,000 for 1. Not bad, right?

Generally, online casinos have better payouts than real casinos, besides in France most casinos don’t offer this game and you only have the FDJ (and its very low payouts) which the fact.

So it’s often better to play online and let’s be honest, a lot easier too.

Take a good look at the return rate which corresponds to the amount paid to the players. For Keno, the best rates are around 95%. This means that for 100 € of bet, the casino pockets 5 € of profit and makes win the 95 € to the players.

For more fun and strategy, I like to play at casinos that offer the following features in their keno games:

  • you can choose a list of numbers at random rather than choosing them individually
  • you can choose to play the game automatically
  • it shows the hot and cold cards (the numbers that have been drawn the most and the least in the game)

How to win at keno: Play for free to get your hands on

Keno is not a complicated game. So, many Keno players dive right into the real money game. And they lose, a lot.

There may be major differences in payouts or minor differences in gaming platforms. The casino may lag behind and therefore restart the game before it is over. While it makes little difference when playing for free, it can cost you a lot of bets when playing for real money.

Even if you learn the best tips for winning Keno and are 100% sure of your skills, practice for free first. You never know what can happen. It is always better that something bad happens and that you don’t waste your money along the way, before setting things right when playing keno for real money.

How to win at keno: Choose between four and eight numbers

When you have the option of picking up to 15 or 20 numbers with the same bet, the logical question is how many numbers should you play keno?

Many Keno beginners believe that the more the better. This makes sense, given that the more you choose, the more likely you are to get more of them correct.

But keep in mind that the payouts change depending on how many numbers you choose in total. If you roll 5/5 your payout can be 50 to 1. This is a really good value. But if you guess 5 out of 10, it comes down to 3 to 1.

So what is the optimal number?

Think about it. When you pick less than four number, your chance of winning is extremely low. There are 80 numbers in the Keno machine.

On the other hand, if you choose more than eight, you will still need to hit at least four or more numbers to get extra money on top of what you have already spent on the bet. And it’s not that easy either.

However, if there is a progressive jackpot attached to the game, it may be useful to choose more numbers. Especially if you follow the big guys rule: “win big or go home”.

How to win at keno: Choose consecutive numbers or cold numbers

The next tip for numbers is to choose the numbers to bet. A common tip is to choose consecutive numbers.

When it comes to playing video keno, the numbers are drawn by an algorithm, so the results are random. But a lot of Keno players have researched the results and believe that playing consecutive numbers can help you win a lot more.

Does it work with bets like this? Sometimes it is. Sometimes that is not the case. If you don’t have a different betting strategy, you might as well try it out. If you play for free, you have nothing to lose.

When it comes to betting on cold numbers (numbers rarely drawn in previous draws), choose a platform that shows which were the most and least drawn numbers in the game.

How to win at keno: Play in a reliable casino

If you want to know how to win at the game of Keno, many of your choices have to be tied to a specific gaming platform Since we’ve talked about payouts and platforms before, it’s time to think about establishments.

The Casino must be trustworthy. Even if you have discovered a brilliant strategy on how to win Keno every time, it is useless if all your money will go to an illegal casino and you will never see your winnings.

How to win at keno: Don't just learn a strategy!

The keno strategy technique that we have just given you works. It’s been tested over and over again with positive results, but it’s not the only one that works. It is therefore strongly recommended to start looking on the web for another keno tip.

Then, once you’ve found another one, look for the differences and commonalities with ours. Try a betting method that brings them together or one that separates them at an online casino so that you can arbitrate. The advantage of the online casino is that you can wager very small amounts and that the draws are more frequent than those of a land-based casino, so you save time and money by going through the internet sites of casino operators.

To be able to do this work efficiently, it is necessary to have volume. It is impossible to say that a strategy is optimal after twenty or even a hundred draws. The luck inherent in a game like keno falsifies it on small samples and it is more necessary to aim for several thousand draws to refine your strategy.

Keep all results in an Excel file. Creating it is your first job before you even start playing. It should be able to allow you to quickly understand and compare what you played and the outcome.

How to win at keno often comes down to developing your own methodology. Patience, experience, and analysis are the three pillars that will allow you to find the one that saves you the most!

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