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Casino Scam and Fraud 2024

Why players rate online casino scam or fraud?

Just as there are top-rated online casinos that provide a premium experience for players, there are some that really fail to keep their customers happy and are constantly criticized on the forums.

This may be due either to the establishment’s inability to respond promptly to the player’s demands, or to bad faith on the part of its operators. In the first case, it is generally small companies that do not have the necessary resources to offer bettors a full service.

They, therefore, fail to offer 24/7 customer support, quick withdrawals, maximum security, etc. Among other things, players who are registered on these kinds of sites will notice that the processing time for their withdrawal request sometimes seems interminable.

The staff is very poorly qualified to deal with the various concerns, which creates a certain slowness throughout the system.

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Real online casino scams

In the second case, there are sites that are downright crooked and whose sole purpose is to scam players. 

For the most part, they do not have a license and do not the right to practice. They are therefore illegal and do what they want.

They attract customers with promotions whose values ​​are too high and exceed the norm and offer games with rigged Random Number Generators.

Thus, it may happen that bettors play for a long time on a site without actually winning a penny. In addition, even if it happens that you win up to a certain sum, these platforms often refuse to make payments for reasons without tail or head.

To help players avoid being fooled, we have therefore compiled a list of those online casinos that players have complained about and that they have claimed to have had a frankly negative experience. This list will help you know which establishments to avoid in the future. 

What are the most common problems that you notice at online casinos that are not the best?

Several issues were reported by players who visited poor quality online casinos. Among the most recurring concerns:

  • Slow withdrawals:

Indeed, it is the dream of every bettor to get back into possession of his sub as soon as possible, after having won a huge gain at an online casino. However, sometimes withdrawal request processes take a long time to take effect. This is often due to the financial instability of certain institutions.

  • Unjustified confiscation of the bettor’s winnings:

There are French online casino sites that use certain tricks to rip off their customers. These entice players with exorbitant promotional offers to get them to register and deposit their money on the site. Once the bettors have won a large amount of money and request to withdraw their winnings, then the nightmare begins. The platform turns a deaf ear by citing futile reasons for not repaying what it owes them.

  • Total incompetence or even absence of customer service:

Any establishment that respects itself should have a customer service capable of responding to the various concerns of players. Unfortunately, this is not the case with all free online casinos. There are some who only have email support, and respond to messages within a very long time, which can take days and sometimes even weeks. Additionally, staff may fail to find adequate solutions to customer concerns.

  • Unfair Games Due to Rigged Random Number Generators:

Online casinos use software that is sometimes programmed by certain operators to cause you to lose more money than usual. They offer dysfunctional games whose Random Number Generators are fraudulent, which means that the winnings are never awarded in all fairness.

You should of course stay away from these platforms so as not to have a bad betting experience.

Here at Casino ♠️ Poker site, we like to think of ourselves as the best in the business when it comes to online casino reviews because before we make any listings we do all the necessary research.

However, it is obvious that we cannot do everything ourselves, and that our opinions will not necessarily be shared by everyone. This is the reason why we need you.

Indeed, it is possible that in order to impress its customers and forge its reputation, an online casino goes all out when it is launched, with great offers, fast service, unbreakable security, etc., and that after some time, its performance is starting to seriously fail.

Since we would have surely already ranked among our best sites based on its qualities, it is only thanks to you and your comments that we can update our information. We, therefore, urge you not to hesitate to share with us and other readers your various experiences.

Also, to avoid falling into the same ways as other players, you would be wise to choose your next online casino from our list of the 3 best online casinos. This gives you the guarantee that you will enjoy incredibly entertaining and lucrative sessions.

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