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The Most Winning Scratch Cards

The most profitable scratch cards offered on the internet 2024

In view of the figures that were published, it is clear that the redistribution rate of the European scratch cards tickets is not really attractive … Indeed, spending € 10 for a game to enjoy a payout rate of just 73.5% is not really worth the effort.

As a result, many players are turning to online scratch games for their much more attractive odds of winning. And the best is still to prove it to you with a concrete example, by presenting you with the most profitable scratch games.

For example, NetEnt’s Lucky Double ™ online scratch card has an 85% payout rate, which is already well above the payout rates of the sold tickets. But the best part about all this is that you will be able to take advantage of these 85% return for less. Indeed, a Lucky Double ™ scratch card costs just € 2. We are therefore far from the 10 € of the ticket cost.

NetEnt is not the only publisher of online scratch cards to offer cards with such advantageous payout rates. Indeed, most online game developers make scratch games available to players with a minimum return of 80%, all at a lower cost. Thus, if you want to make your investments profitable with scratch cards, we strongly advise you to give preference to online gambling.

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