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Scratch Cards Odds

The odds of winning at scratch cards games 2024

Even if scratch cards remain above all a means of entertainment, it is always interesting to know the odds of winning that these games offer! Indeed, let’s be honest, when we buy a scratch card at a tobacconist or when we scratch online, we all hope to see our investment refunded! 

To help you choose the games that will net you the most, we have chosen to present the odds of winning from the offline scratch cards, as well as those from online scratch games. Thus, thanks to our information, you will have all the tools in hand to choose the game that will bring you the most!

Scratch Cards Odds

On the online gaming side

While the offline scratch games won’t be very generous with your wallet, you can count on online scratch cards to replenish your coffers! Indeed, in addition to having much more advantageous payout rates than those of the offline scratch games as we have seen in another article, these new generation scratch games have very interesting winning probabilities. Indeed, to prove it to you, we have selected a few scratch games from the publisher NetEnt that we have also chosen to present to you in the form of a table.

Scratch gamesTicket priceYour chances of winning
7 Gold Scratch ™€ 235.6%
Lucky Double ™€ 233.5%
Triple Wins Star Ticket ™€ 150%

Thus, thanks to this simple table, it is easy to see that online scratch games offer much more favorable odds of winning than offline games. For example, the Triple Wins Star Ticket ™ card is the one that offers the most chances of landing a winning ticket, 50%, and costs only € 1 per unit! An offer that you could never find in the FDJ’s game portfolio!

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