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Roulette odds

The complete point on the principle of roulette odds and how it works concretely

It seems quite logical, the roulette draws are based on a mathematical principle: the roulette odds.

Thus, each type of event will have very specific chances of happening or not. For example, you will have a one in two chance of getting a red ball, an even number, a pass (a number between 19 and 36)…

If, on the other hand, you choose to bet on one number out of 37, you will have a one in a thirty-seven chance of finding the right draw. In short, each type of bet corresponds to a percentage chance of winning the game, it seems to flow naturally. However, each casino roulette probability will be different depending on the roulette variants used, because certain elements will modify the luck factor, as we will see!

The example of American roulette and the roulette odds linked to this variant

American roulette remains the most popular variant on the Internet. Composed of thirty-six numbered pockets, it also includes a zero pocket and a pocket of its own, the double zero. In other words, the player, therefore, has a one in thirty-eight chance of seeing his bet win. The table below shows each probability of roulette for this variant.

Bet typeEarnings reportProbability of victory
Red1 to 146.37%
Black1 to 146.37%
Peer1 to 146.37%
Odd1 to 146.37%
1 to 181 to 146.37%
19 to 361 to 146.37%
1 to 122 on 131.58%
13 to 242 on 131.58%
25 to 362 on 131.58%
Target number35 to 12.63%
Double17 to 15.26%
Trio11 to 17.89%
Square8 to 110.53%
Line5 to 115.79%

The bet consisting in betting on a targeted number is the most profitable of the game. But the chances of success of such a bet are very slim. Statisticians express that the casino makes an average of 5% margin on all of the player’s losing bets.

Now let's see each casino roulette odds of the European variant of the game.

European roulette – also called French roulette – has thirty-six numbered pockets and a zero pocket. So that makes us a total of thirty-seven pockets. The player has a one in a thirty-seven chance of winning in such circumstances. The following table displays the statistics for the European roulette.

Bet typeEarnings reportProbability of victory
Red1 to 148.64%
Black1 to 148.64%
Peer1 to 148.64%
Odd1 to 148.64%
1 to 181 to 148.64%
19 to 361 to 148.64%
1 to 122 on 132.43%
13 to 242 on 132.43%
25 to 362 on 132.43%
Target number35 to 12.70%
Double17 to 15.40%
Trio11 to 18.11%
Square8 to 110.81%
Line5 to 116.20%

With an overall ratio of one in thirty-seven chances of seeing the player win on their first bet, European roulette seems more advantageous than its American neighbor. The casino only retains a 2.7% long-term advantage.

Can we influence the balance to generate a safer roulette profit

Let’s say at the outset, it will be impossible to modify the percentage of chance that an event will occur or not, because that would amount to piping online roulette games, something that seems at the very least impractical…

However, you will be able to use techniques that will limit or cover your losses, such as certain martingales. To find out more about this, we strongly invite you to consult our articles related to roulette strategies and roulette methods!

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