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Roulette Royale

Roulette Royale can cover you with gold from one moment to the next: instructions for use

You were all waiting for it, we are delivering it to you on a silver platter: it is of course roulette royale. But what is so special about this roulette table? Well, know that it is the one and only online roulette game that offers you a progressive jackpot.

It’s quite huge, and many players crowd around these famous tables of roulette royale, to have a chance to win the super jackpot, which continues to reach new heights. We will tell you more about how the game table works, the purpose of the game, and, of course, the progressive roulette royal jackpot. At the end of this reading, we are convinced, you will go on the chaining part by part!

roulette royale

The concept of progressive roulette royale is carefully explained to you here

With such a name, this online roulette game already announces the color. However, you will see that you will not lose your bearings on this online roulette game, although its name inspires you to the contrary. Indeed, roulette royale is based entirely on the European variant of the game of roulette. Its added element? A progressive jackpot!

You will, therefore, find the traditional cylindrical board, with a play mat, as well as two screens. The wheel will have numbered pockets that will go from 0 to 36. The zero pocket will be green, while the rest of the pockets will alternate red and black. You will also be entitled to the ball, which will determine the validity of your bets and your bets made on the green carpet. Note that a first screen will display the numbers on which the ball will have landed, while the second screen will display the progressive jackpot.

What is the purpose of the game and how is a game played at a Roulette Royal Casino?

You will understand, indulging in progressive roulette royale will be like playing on a European roulette table. The only thing that will change will be your participation in the possible winning of a progressive jackpot.

You will have to predict the pocket, or rather the number on which the ball will fall, by making a series of bets. You will see that your winnings will vary depending on the bets you make, and you will have to study all betting options before placing your bets!

The progressive roulette royale jackpot adds spice to your games: here's how

Each of your bets placed on a roulette royale wheel will automatically contribute to the progressive jackpot, offering you opportunities to win it. You will have to make a first bet, called the starting bet, and a second one which will allow you to be a candidate for the race for the progressive jackpot.

To win the traditional jackpot, you will have to guess the number on which the ball will fall for two consecutive rounds. On the other hand, it gets complicated to win the progressive jackpot, since you will have to win for five consecutive rounds!

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