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European Roulette

Is European Roulette more profitable than the other variants? Our Answer:

Are you starting to get interested in the world of roulette but still don’t know how to play European roulette? Players often know it as French Roulette. In this article, we present how this variant works from A to Z, and will not leave any element to chance. Rules, course of a game, strategies …

European roulette will soon have no more secrets for you and you will soon pocket many wins! Once you have read this page, we strongly advise you to consult our free games area in order to start training before registering at an online casino.

european roulette

Here are each rule of European roulette stated one by one for a simplified learning

When you play European roulette, you are having fun on one of the easiest to use variants on the market. On the table, you will find a carpet that we will present below, as well as a wheel. On this Wheel, 37 pockets are present, numbered from zero to thirty-six. Each European roulette pocket appears in random order.

The rule of European roulette is identical to the American roulette, except in two points. There is no “double zero” or “00” pocket here, and betting on the first five numbers is not offered.

Let us also quickly introduce you to the case of “prison”. If the ball lands on zero, the player can request the reimbursement of half of his bet or put his bet in prison. If he chooses this second option, a new round begins and the player recovers all the money invested if his previous bet is realized. Now observe how a typical game goes.

Let's see how to play European roulette by following together the course of a game

As soon as the game begins, the dealer calls out “Make your bets”. In a land-based casino, participants then orally announce the bets they wish to place by giving their chips to the dealer who will arrange them on the mat. If you play online, however, you will simply click on the spaces of the mat corresponding to your bets.

Once the bets have been recorded, the croupier (roulette dealer) announces “The games are done”, then “No more bets” when he throws the ball on the wheel. Once the results fall, he distributes the winnings to each winner and a new round can begin.

Place your bets in a simple way on European roulette online: The structure of the table

In order to better understand how to place your bets on the table and thus play in the best conditions, take the time to observe the organization of the European roulette mat presented here:

French Roulette / European roulette Table Layout - English Roulette Table Layout

How does the house edge affect your bets? Our European roulette tip on this subject

There is a lot of information to take into account when trying your luck on a European roulette space. One of these pieces of information is crucial in terms of your potential earnings, and this is the house edge. This aspect of the game will determine what percentage of the winnings you get depending on the different types of bets you make. 

Indeed, depending on the risk level of your bet, the house advantage will impact your jackpot differently! You should know that it is the online casino on which you have chosen to play which imposes its tax on your winnings, in a way, and which will redistribute your profits according to its rate of redistribution to the players!

We will take the example of a simple bet, to calculate the impact of the house advantage on your winnings, so as not to lose beginners along the way. So let’s take the example of a so-called “straight up” bet in European roulette. You will be able to win 35 times your bet based on a 1 in 37 chance, while you will have 36 out of 37 probabilities of losing your bet. 

By performing the following calculation: 35 x (1-37) = 0.946 represents your probability of winning. On the other hand, this calculation represents your possibilities of losses: -1 x (36/37) = -0.973. The sum of these values ​​will be -0.0270, representing a loss of 2.7%. And there you have it: you have the house edge on your winnings!

Our European roulette strategy? Choose this variant because it is more profitable

Rather complicated, right? One of the really nice things about European roulette online is that the house edge remains stable no matter how you bet. You will see that the ratio between losses and gains will automatically unify, to allow you to have the same rate of redistribution every time. 

This fixed concept is an excellent opportunity to allow you to develop a slightly more complex European roulette strategy, based on each European roulette tip that we share with you.

For information, the TRJ on the other games is not as advantageous. For example, if you face the dealer on an American roulette table, this rate will climb to 5.26% against 2.7% of the European roulette. The games offered on a table available online European roulette will, therefore, be much more profitable … And if in addition, you are lucky to benefit from a generous bonus on this entertainment, the winnings will soon be raining.

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