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Random Number Generator 2024

Innovative random number generator system: 100% reliable games

Are you a staunch defender of online slot machine superstitions? This article could definitely make you change your mind! Indeed, with the online slot machine revolution, technology had to keep up …

This is why many game developers have armed their slot machines with a so-called Random Number Generator (RNG) system! This system has enabled online casinos to provide their players with reliable and profitable gaming.

But how does a random number generator work? We’re taking you through the gears of online slots and other games step by step, to show you that this is a 100% reliable system that is under serious scrutiny by the authorities.

Random Number Generator

Let's start by answering the question "what is Random Number Generator (RNG)" clearly & precisely

The online slot machines are all managed by a computer, which is based on several motors, making it possible to spin your reels in one click and to make them stop at a given point.

Thereafter, game developers will use a random number generator, in this case, the famous random number generator, to add a reliable side to their slot machines.

In fact, the job of this device is to make sure that players have the same probability of winning or to win the jackpot, in each round.

This ingenious system has made casino slot machines better suited to players’ gaming expectations. The latter will be entitled to greater flexibility with regard to the management of their bets and their winnings on the slot machines and will be sure of the reliability of the game itself.

As a player, you have certainly experienced this situation. Another player in the game room is watching you out of the corner of your eye. After losing a few games, you barely get up when another player has already taken your place, convinced that the slot machine can now only be generous.

But that’s not counting the random number generator: only chance and luck will determine whether you win or lose, whether you play online or offline.

Thanks to the random number generator, it is absolutely impossible to predict the outcome of a dice slot machine or game. But what is a random number generator and how does this system work?

A random number generator generates a series of numbers that you can only predict by chance. Either the generator is a real tool, or it is software, for online gambling.

Imagine that you are playing a dice slot game. Just before you start the game, the in-game software produces hundreds of number combinations in a fraction of a second, each corresponding to a specific position on the reels – the dice results that appear.

When you click on the button to start the game, the game selects one of these combinations, completely by chance. You see and hear the reels spinning, the suspense goes up … But in reality, the game had already selected one of the very, very numerous combinations by the time you clicked on “spin”.

How are the cycles of a random number generator defined on a slot machine?

Since the RNG system has been put in place to ensure fairness and transparency in the online slots game, you can imagine that there are very specific cycles.

Indeed, the generator of random numbers is a system that allows the interlocking of several combinations and sequences of symbols according to a certain logic.

This is mainly the reason why it is so difficult to establish a winning and reliable strategy on slot machines. You would have to follow the different symbol cycles on a given slot machine, in order to predict the different turns.

It’s a long and painful job, knowing that there are bound to be endless combinations possible on slot machines. Lo and behold, you got your answer to the question “what is RNG” and now know how this system works on a slot. Perhaps you are wondering, however, how the operation of this technology is applied to other types of entertainment… Let’s take a look at this now!

But how does a random number generator work on other games? The answer

The random number generator does not only exist on online casino slots but on many other casino games. Indeed, from the adaptation of traditional casino games on online casinos, operators had to computerize everything in order to be able to provide a realistic gaming experience to players, whether on blackjack, roulette, or baccarat.

Is this system really honest?

Are online casinos not likely to be tempted to adapt the operation of the random number generator in order to have an influence on the results obtained? If these are actually determined by chance, then, in the long run, each die result should be scored as many times as the others.

But then, is it easy to verify this distribution, as a player? While casinos are required by law to disclose information in this regard, many do not. Others give you your payout percentage, with no history of the game.

The third group of gambling providers provides you with a summary of your bets and winnings. However, this information still does not allow you to know if each slot machine result is equiprobable, for example. To do this, you will have to see how many times each result is obtained, during your round of play and in general in this casino.

Respectable online casinos have already seen that you can check online the distribution of the dice generated, as well as that of the cards drawn and the results of the roulette (this good example having inspired our article). Soon, we will see what other online casinos communicate or not regarding the distribution, and this when the law forces them to.

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