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Sawtooth Martingale

Using the Sawtooth Martingale: how to understand and play roulette with this strategy?

The principle of the Sawtooth Martingale – although its name can make more than one pale, is to bet ten units on single odds and to decrease each time to one unit in case of loss. The System, therefore, involves a strong notion of risk, but a single winning bet can be enough to make up for all the accumulated delay.

Pros and Cons: what are the risks of the sawtooth martingale wheel?

The main advantage of this technique is the simplicity of its Sawtooth Martingale method. The player bets ten units each time on a single chance he has chosen beforehand. If he wins, he increases the bet by one unit, if he loses, he will bet again ten units. However, after two successive losses, the player will bet each unit until the next win.

This Sawtooth Martingale is therefore based on several phases of play that it is necessary to know. As soon as a wager is won, the player is the beneficiary, the latter having bet ten units. Each phase of play ends when all losses are erased. Another benefit of this martingale is the possibility of bringing the player very far.

However, since the amount of stakes remains far from ceiling stakes, the unfortunate disadvantage of this Sawtooth Rise is that it requires a very good starting capital.

Table summarizing the stakes: Learn to use the sawtooth martingale for roulette

Below, you will find a table that explains the detailed operation of a sawtooth Martingale:

GameExitStakeResultBalance sheet
Online Roulette strategy

The Sawtooth Martingale in brief:

  • The Sawtooth Martingale makes it possible to make up for the losses accumulated previously in the game through a substantial gain of 10 units.
  • The Sawtooth Martingale responds to game phases, which condition the player’s upcoming stakes. The player will have to bet 10 units in the event of victory but to bet only one in the event of a loss. In this sense, the Strategy remains rational.
  • The Strategy, however, has a major flaw which the good starting capital it requires. However, a good knowledge of the probabilities can counter this drawback.
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