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Prolonged Martingale

Using the Prolonged Martingale: how to understand and play roulette according to this strategy?

The Prolonged Martingale works like the Standard Martingale at the level of simple chances, the latter is especially useful on the other types of bet. You will notice that the Prolonged Martingale is a very interesting weapon when it comes to filling in previous losses, especially since it can be combined with other risers for optimal results.

However, if the Prolonged Martingale is useful to catch up, it does not allow 100% to have a profit balance. Below, we present an explanatory table that summarizes the usefulness of the Prolonged Martingale.

In the following case, the player bets on a square. The square pays 8 against 1. The required action will, therefore, be to choose a bet and play it eight consecutive times. So even if it ends up falling – in this case eight losses, doubling the bet will clear the initial losses.

Pros and Cons: What are the risks of Prolonged Roulette Martingale?

There are many combinations with Prolonged Martingale. It can be readjusted or combined with other martingales for strategic choices that can be personalized at will. In addition, its effects are very effective when it comes to catching up on accumulated losses. Even if too many losses are recorded, sometimes it only takes a single positive result to regain your credit balance.

The only real drawback of this method is that it still requires certain resources and that one should not hesitate to bet while accepting the fact of having to lose almost seventy-five percent of the time. Furthermore, it is not said that the player will find a positive balance every time.

Table summarizing the bets: Learn to use the Prolonged Martingale for roulette

Find below your best ally to win with extended martingale:

StakeResultStake amountGain / LossTotal
Online Roulette strategy

The Prolonged Martingale in Brief:

  • The Prolonged Martingale catches up with the numerous losses recorded by the player during the game.
  • The Prolonged Martingale can be combined with other risers for more effective results.
  • The Prolonged Martingale covers almost all losses in a single winning draw.
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