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The GUT Strategy

The Gut Strategy: The Online Martingale Roulette to Know at all Costs

The Great Universal Theory method, also abbreviated GUT, was introduced by the administrator of a forum dedicated to the game of online roulette, so it is an online roulette martingale. Although this method has not yet proven anything from a scientific and mathematical point of view yet, it would be regularly used by hundreds of thousands of bettors who seem to have fallen in love with this new game system full of promise. Find out without further ado:

The GUT Strategy

Using the GUT Strategy: How to understand and play roulette according to this method?

Still, understudy, the Great Universal Theory method is difficult to grasp at first. Indeed, many players still haven’t managed to grasp the meaning. However, the GUT strategy has a number of advantages. The first of them is that the new system proposed is nothing like traditional martingales or rising. If no amount needs to be used using the GUT strategy, what is its principle?

The advantage of this technique is to bet on the numbers that have not yet been drawn so that the player is left with an always smaller gap each time. Let’s say that in the first round, thirty-six numbers were not drawn against a single number drawn by lot. In the second round, we will, therefore, have thirty-five numbers not released against two numbers drawn at random, etc.

When the player is in a situation where nineteen numbers have not been drawn against eighteen drawn numbers, he can then start betting. It is when the difference between the numbers drawn and those not drawn is one that the player can start betting.

Pros and Cons: Ahat are the risks of the GUT strategy for roulette?

The GUT strategy is not akin to a martingale or a rising, it does not encourage the player to take irrational risks, even excessive. Indeed, the player must bet only when the difference between the numbers drawn and the numbers not drawn is one. One of the advantages of this technique is therefore that it is very economical.

However, the Great Universal Theory method was not founded by a true mathematician or statistician. Its effectiveness has not been proven as it is still in the experimental gain method stage. Furthermore, it requires the player not to be in too much of a hurry. Indeed, it is necessary to wait a certain moment before the difference between the drawn numbers and those not drawn is only one.

Table summarizing the bets: Learn to use the GUT strategy martingale for roulette

The main combinations on which the player can bet are described below.

Numbers drawnNumbers not drawndifference
Online Roulette strategy

The GUT Strategy in Brief:

  • The GUT strategy makes it possible to make an accounting difference without resorting to an amount.
  • The GUT strategy is based on a table that compares the numbers drawn and the numbers not drawn.
  • The GUT strategy is still in experimental status and its effectiveness has not yet been proven by gambling professionals.
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