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Andrucci Strategy

Using the Andrucci Strategy: How to understand and play roulette according to this system?

The Andrucci Strategy was founded on the principles of Chaos theory. However, it supports the opposite logic as the methods of Hawks and Alembert’s martingale. Indeed, according to the Andrucci strategy, it is better not to bet according to the numbers that have already fallen.

Concretely, the Andrucci strategy encourages the player to take into account the last 20 draws validated by the dealer. If these results can be viewed when you play roulette at an online casino, you will need to write them down on a sheet of paper in land-based gaming circles. According to Andrucci, the numbers that are drawn most often should come out from the 10th launch.

Pros and Cons: What are the risks of using the Andrucci Strategy for roulette?

The Andrucci strategy is particularly effective in the short term. It is indeed in this configuration that the Andrucci strategy takes all its importance! In general, it is enough to focus on two or three numbers to generate satisfying gains using this method.

It must be said that in the event of a winning draw, the bettor can win thirty-six times the amount of his starting bet. The account is quickly made! The winning abilities are excellent when you use the Andrucci strategy, which focuses on predicting a single good number.

If playing only a few hours is compatible with the Andrucci strategy, players who like to plan for the long term will probably not have it for themselves. It must be said that after several thousand throws, the majority of numbers are likely to be drawn with more or less the same frequency. From a mathematical point of view, the number 1 is as likely to come out as number 35, for example.

Online Roulette strategy

The Andrucci Strategy in Brief:

  • The Andrucci strategy is ideal for occasional bettors as it allows profits to be made in just a few hours.
  • The Andrucci strategy focuses on predicting a single correct number, in order to collect as many gains as possible.
  • The Andrucci strategy is the complete opposite of Alembert’s martingale and the Hawks method
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