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Joker Poker

Learn everything about Joker Poker step by step and become an ace of this video poker variant

Also called ‘Joker Wild’, ‘Joker Poker’ is a variant of Video Poker in which the joker acts as a ‘wild’ card (substitution card). As in all other video poker games, the objective of the game is to make the best hand of 5 cards possible. Since the joker acts as a ‘wild’ card, you will have more opportunities to build a winning hand! The stronger the hand, the greater the gain. When playing online video poker, as always, be sure to check the payout table before you start playing. A golden rule: the value of winnings is proportional to the natural order of poker hands!

Joker Poker

How to play Joker Poker?

This variant is played using a pack of 53 cards (52 regular cards and a joker). For this purpose, it is one of the few card games where you can get a hand consisting of 5 identical cards. It is also possible to obtain a hand made up of 5 cards similar to Deuces Wild, another variant of video poker in which the 2 can replace any other card to constitute a winning hand. If you want to play Joker Poker, please follow these instructions:

1. Choose an online casino from our official list and create an account.

2. Select a payment method available in your area and define the amount you want to invest in. 

3. Choose the ‘Joker Poker’ in the game library of your casino. 

4. Set the amount you wish to stake in the first round of Joker Poker. 

5. Click on the ‘Deal Cards’ button on your screen to start the first round. 5 cards will appear on your screen, chosen at random from the deck of 53 cards.  

6. Look closely at your 5 cards and see if some can be traded for the purpose of building an even more powerful hand. If you think your hand is strong enough, do not draw any additional cards. Use the strategy chart in this article to help you see more clearly.

7. If your hand is too weak, choose the cards you want to get rid of and click the ‘Deal Cards’ button again to get more.

8. Now that your final hand is made, consult the paytable to find out which payout is associated with your hand. You will need a pair of kings (at a minimum) to gain. 

9. Click on ‘Deal Cards’ again to start another round. 

The Optimal Strategy at Joker Poker

The strategy to apply to Joker Poker is simple as pie. The only difference that separates it from the other video poker variants comes down to the introduction of a ‘wild’ card which will replace any other card to form a winning combination. Consult our little table below to know which tactic to adopt when you receive your 5 cards. Remember to use the joker wisely. 

First handOptimal strategy
Royal FlushKeep all your cards
Straight flushKeep all your cards
SquareKeep all your cards
FullKeep all your cards
4 cards that can lead to a royal flushDraw a card
ColorKeep all your cards
SetDraw two cards
AfterKeep all your cards
4 cards that could lead to a straight flushDraw a card
Two pairsDraw a card
High pairDraw three cards
3 cards that can lead to a royal flushDraw two cards
4 cards that could lead to a straight flushDraw a card
Low pairDraw three cards
4 cards that can lead to a sequenceDraw a card
3 cards that could lead to a straight flushDraw two cards
2 cards that can lead to a royal flushDraw three cards
2 powerful cardsDraw three cards
Powerful cardDraw four cards
5 independent cardsDraw five new cards

Joker Poker Payouts

In Joker Poker, the payout table usually starts from a pair of kings. At Deuces Wild, for example, it starts with three of a kind. Indeed, at Joker Poker, there is only one ‘wild’ card, it is, therefore, more complicated to form powerful hands. Since the Deuces Wild includes many more wild cards, you will not get any winnings on the pairs. In addition, the payout of three of a kind or fifths will be much lower. If you compare to Jacks or Better, the ‘wild’ card will increase your chances of getting a solid hand. The downside is that the payments are revised downwards.

Hand obtainedPayout
Royal Flushx 700
5 identical cardsx 200
Royal Flush Royale (with joker)x 100
Straight flushx 50
Squarex 20
Full   x 7
Color   x 5
After   x 3
Set   x 2
Double pairx 1
Pair of kings or acesx 1

Joker Poker in 'Level-Up' mode

Sometimes Joker Poker is offered in level-up mode. In this type of game, each hand made up of a winning combination will send you to the next level. Each level will multiply your winnings. At the first level, the payout will be ‘1 x’. It will be ‘2 x’ at the next level, ‘4 x’ at the next level, and so on.

If you fail to build a winning hand, the game ends and you will descend to the bottom of the ladder. Some versions will allow you to benefit from a ‘Free Ride Card’, which will allow you to progress to the next level even if you do not have a qualifying hand. 

If you want to play a version of video poker that includes the use of a ‘wild’ card, Joker Poker is definitely a game that will meet your expectations. Register in one of the online casinos on our official list and start playing immediately! 

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