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Count Cards Effectively 2024

5 unique tips to count cards effectively with the true count

By taking an interest in blackjack card counting methods, you came across the concept of “true count” and wonder what it means? This term may not mean anything to you for the moment, but you will see that it is a concept that you will not let go of once you get used to it …

As you will see, this concept is so simple to understand and easy to implement that you will not think twice before taking the time to learn this strategy. Let’s see what our blackjack specialists have in store for you.

Count Cards Effectively

Why use the true count blackjack technique on the tables?

True count blackjack is a complement to the card counting strategy, so there is no point in learning it if you do not master the first two strategies that we saw together in the articles on the Basic Blackjack Strategy and the hi low Blackjack Card Counting Method.

What is also great about blackjack strategy is that there are three well-defined strategies that help the player, but one cannot be done without the other. By this, we mean that you will not be able to master card counting if you do not know the basic strategy and you will not be able to set up the true count if you do not count cards. We like the fact that this scheme is clearly written in the minds of the players so that they focus on the stages of their learning one after the other.

But like blackjack strategies, you understand, that it will take time for you to say that you have the true count in hand. So do not hesitate to spend time on our site, to play the blackjack games that we make available and without deposit, of course, we are a casino guide and not a casino ourselves.

How to set up true count blackjack right from your first game on the table?

Behind the notion of true count hides the idea of ​​refining the result that you will get by counting the cards. Sometimes it is difficult to understand a strategy the first time, but there you will see that our blackjack specialists have really made an effort and that you will have no trouble entering all the terms and sequences in the game.

Once you have started counting cards using, for example, the hi low method, you will have to extend your results to the rest of the decks of cards present in the shoe. The first step will, therefore, be to assess with the naked eye how many decks of cards the famous shoe contains. Once you have a vague idea, you will only have to divide the score obtained by previously counting the cards by the number of decks still in play.

The higher the score you get, the more likely you are to win your hands as well.

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