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Blackjack Basic Strategy Cheatsheet
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Basic Blackjack Strategy Chart

Here is the table which summarizes the basic strategy of Blackjack

Blackjack Basic Strategy Cheatsheet
Blackjack Basic Strategy Cheatsheet

basic blackjack strategy Surrender Cheatsheet

Blackjack Basic Strategy Surrender Cheatsheet
Blackjack Basic Strategy Surrender Cheatsheet

How to read the charts?

  • The left column represents your hand.
  • The first line at the top of the table represents the hand shown by the Bank.
  • You must, therefore, opt for the decision located at the intersection of the row and the corresponding column. Let’s take an example, if I have 15 and the bank has a 4, I have to stop.

Some situations with Aces are more complex, these can take the value 1 or 11. Here are some explanations.

Blackjack Basic Strategy Cheatsheet explained

Here, if I receive A7 (for a total of 8 or 18), the actions to be taken are fairly clear (double if the bank has between 3 to 6, stop on 2, 7, and 8 and request a card for 9-10- AT).

Let us take another example, if I receive A2 (which makes 3 or 13), it is necessary to ask for another card and if I receive a 5, then I have 8 or 18. We must deal with all the situations of “I have X or X + 10 “by checking the corresponding Ace row in the table.

Understanding the basic blackjack strategy

Do you want to start blackjack by winning your first games online? You must, therefore, memorize the basic blackjack strategy which will allow you to increase your chances of winning from your first bet around the table!

If you like statistics, you should know that the basic blackjack strategy allows lowering the casino advantage to 0.5%. Knowing that this method remains basic and accessible to all new players, the basic blackjack strategy is a significant advantage if you want to win money during a game of blackjack.

So, to adopt the basic blackjack strategy, you will have to memorize each possible game action during a game of blackjack. Considering that blackjack insurance is to be avoided, the basic blackjack strategy gives you the most timely bets based on the hand of the dealer. Stay, surrender, hit, double, or split, you will finally know what you need to bet!

Using the basic blackjack strategy

Do you really know what the basic blackjack strategy is that we love to talk to you about? It is, of course, the best way to play blackjack. In itself, it is a strategy to increase your chances of winning a game! We must also go back to the time of the first scientists who were interested in the game to see this basic blackjack strategy appear.

Indeed, it was first Roger R. Baldwin in 1956, who mixed all the game situations and the variables of a game in order to develop a first basic blackjack strategy. Thereafter, it is the aptly named, Thorp who popularized the method in his free “Beat the dealer“. Find more blackjack books »

The basic blackjack strategy is, therefore, a technique that takes into account all the parameters of the game in order to reverse the trend and beat the casino. Even if the online casinos have innovated to regain their advantage over the players, the basic strategy has been adapted according to the specifics of the game.

Remember the basics

To best memorize the parameters of the basic blackjack strategy, you must familiarize yourself with the table of stakes depending on the dealer’s cards.

To make it simple and to detail this table:

  • You should never hit if you have a hand between 17 and 21.
  • Do not draw either if your hand is between 12 and 16 and that of the croupier is between 2 and 6. Unless you have an Ace in this hand.
  • If your hand is between 9 and 11 and that of the dealer is between 2 and 6, you must double. If the dealer has another hand, you must draw.
  • If you have two 8’s, you must split if the dealer’s hand is between 2 and 8, otherwise, you must draw.
  • When you have two 9’s and the dealer has a hand between 2 and 6, you must split (or stay if his hand is different).
  • You should never split a hand made up of two 10s.
  • You must split if your hand is made up of two Aces and if the dealer’s hand is less than 6.
  • If the dealer has a hand between 2 and 6, you must split your Ace cards to 4, double if you have two 5s and stay if you have two 6 or two 7s.

Memorize the basic blackjack strategy thanks to the tables

As we have just told you, the basic blackjack strategy can be different depending on the rules of blackjack and the number of cards found in the shoe. Therefore, you will have to select the method you want to apply depending on the casino or the country in which you play.

Either way, to memorize this basic blackjack strategy, you will have to understand each of the possible combinations to understand when it is better to play them. The best thing to do is to memorize this strategy with the help of a table which explains to you when you should place this or that bet.

This table is very precious for a blackjack player since it indicates the action to be done according to your hand and that of the dealer. As a reminder, the players play together against the dealer and are not considered as opponents.

However, it is not advisable to use this table in front of a dealer in a casino. It is better to know it by heart. However, if you play online, you can keep this table in front of your eyes without problems and the dealer will know nothing.

Some differences in the basic blackjack strategy by country

Finally, we would like to direct you to the best advice for adopting the basic blackjack strategy. Either way, you should always pay attention to the country in which you play and especially, the rules of the game of online blackjack in which you launched! It is true that the basic strategy differs according to the situations, the variants and therefore the countries.

Rest assured, our team will guide you as best as possible and offer you all the different tables to memorize the basic strategy.

Whether you play in Canada, Europe, the US, or even the most beautiful casinos in Las Vegas, you will no longer be able to miss the winning bet. Of course, we also reserve a full explanation for you on the use of these different tables on online casinos. You are not finished being surprised!

Train to master this basic blackjack strategy

In most land-based casinos, you can take advantage of a small print that will remind you of the principles of the table. However, you may not have time to consult these data since the pace set by the dealer can be sustained. Therefore, we advise you to memorize this table.

In addition, on the internet, it is very easy to understand this basic blackjack strategy! By taking advantage of the games of an online casino, you can develop your skills. And if you do not want to take the risk of betting your money, the site Casino ♠️ Poker offers you a good solution to easily acquire the basic blackjack strategy. Indeed, free online blackjack games allow you to play as long as you want. In itself, you will be able to train yourself to master this strategic table.

Even if it will not make you win every time, the basic blackjack strategy is the most reliable in the long term to decrease the advantage of the casino!

Basic Blackjack strategy FAQ

The basic blackjack strategy is based on the probabilities of cards being drawn. Depending on your hand and that of the dealer, it is advisable to perform a certain action.

This is the question that most beginner players ask themselves. In addition to knowing the rules of the game, the blackjack table is a decision support table which tells you, depending on the case, which action it would be best to do. Discover how to play blackjack and what are the blackjack rules here


The players are not adversaries but play independently against the dealer. Depending on your cards and that of the dealer card, it is advisable to stay, draw, Double or split. Discover the blackjack table.


The basic blackjack strategy table was created based on a probability study. As there is an element of luck due to the card shuffler, the chart does not guarantee you to win 100% but gives you the best action to perform according to the probabilities.

In order to significantly increase your chances of winning the dealer, learn the blackjack card counting

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