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The most famous blackjack player is Ken Uston

Ken Uston: The story of the great strategist who shook the casinos

Blackjack is a card game simply impossible to imagine without the personality of Ken Uston, who is the most famous blackjack player in the history of this game. Uston became famous during the 1970s and 80s beating the casinos by playing as a team. Ken Uston has made millions of dollars as a professional blackjack player. He was a great strategist and was an apprentice in Al Francesco’s blackjack team. Uston quickly became one of the best professional blackjack players, bringing his own team together. Discover its history!

Biography and performances - Ken Uston blackjack or the birth of a legend

This blackjack legend is above all about a mathematician of genius. Ken Uston is the author of many books on blackjack, in which he describes his concept of team play, as well as the use of the strategy of counting cards in a team. In the 1980s, Uston also began to write numerous guides relating to the strategies specific to the first video games.

Ken Uston blackjack and his team were a nightmare for all casinos. Many casino owners have even denied Uston access to their gambling halls. However, this casino decision failed to overcome the willingness of Uston players, who found an ingenious way to enter casinos and continue playing their favorite game: Ken Uston was a master in the art of disguise, and his ploy to penetrate the gambling halls of casinos rested on a series of different costumes in order to change his appearance and go unnoticed.

Just as wonderful as it is astonishing, Ken Uston, as a professional blackjack player also won the famous lawsuit which opposed the casinos of Atlantic City in New Jersey, the latter not allowing blackjack players to use card counting during games, considering the process as cheating.

Uston was able to prove the fact that blackjack players had the right to use card counting by the simple fact that blackjack only used the power of their minds and not electronic devices for this purpose.

Posterity - What trace has Ken Uston the professional blackjack player left now?

For Ken Uston, blackjack was not just a way to make a lot of money, but a way of life. Uston is forever remembered as an excellent player, a blackjack genius, a brilliant author, and a blackjack hero. It was no surprise that in 2003, the Blackjack Hall of Fame honored Uston by counting him as one of the original 7 members of the prestigious association. He was a true idol and guru of blackjack, whose name is inseparable from the discussions relating to this card game. Uston was elevated to the rank of Blackjack Hall of Fame, but posthumously, since he was found dead of heart failure in his Paris apartment in 1987. Ken Uston was only 52 years old. In 2005, Ken Uston became the subject of the documentary film “The Blackjack Man”.
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