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Blackjack Genius

Edward Thorp: the genius of blackjack reveals all its secrets here

Edward Thorp is one of the most acclaimed figures in the world of the famous card game. This blackjack star was able to obtain his entry ticket to the blackjack pantheon through his performances, as well as his numerous writings on the discipline, which continue to inspire more and more players around the world. Casino ♠️ Poker invites you to discover the fate of this math teacher who has become a true blackjack legend!
Blackjack Genius Edward Thorp
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Biography & performances: discover the hectic life of Edward O. Thorp, the king of blackjack

Edward Thorp is an American probabilist and mathematician born in 1932 in Chicago. This must-have in the blackjack world obtained his doctorate in 1958 at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), before working for two years at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Thorp would later teach mathematics and finance at the University of California at Irvine. In 1989, the American probabilist decided to set up his own company, Edward O. Thorp & Associates, operating in California and specializing in the field of the stock market investment.

Key book: how did the legend “Edward Thorp blackjack” get into the annals?

Blackjack Genius Edward Thorp Beat the Dealer Thorp owes its success to the publication of a work, which knew how to revolutionize the world of blackjack forever, in 1963: “Beat the Dealer”. This Einstein of blackjack used his years of experience as a probabilist, adapting the basic strategy of Baldwin, widely used, incorporating the very first techniques of card counting.

Thanks to his bestseller, Edward O. Thorp has won the incredible bet to prove that it was possible to win mathematically in the game of blackjack. Card counting was quickly renamed “Thorp’s mathematical process” and made a fortune for a few.

Many casinos, affected by the unexpected discoveries of Edward Thorp blackjack, have rushed to find alternatives to the latter’s strategies, which have favored the development of many cheating techniques in the gambling halls of many casinos. Among these strategies, the best known is the marking of cards after counting them, which was perpetuated by the dealers, in order to benefit the casino.

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