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How to Play Sic Bo

2024 How to Play Sic Bo Tutorial

The sic bo is a dice game with a very ancient origin. Like keno and backgammon, sic bo requires the use of a game table and dice which will be used to draw numbers at random. The goal of the player is precisely to predict the draws efficiently. Be aware that several online casinos offer you to discover this game for free and to practice unlimitedly and at no cost.

Sic Bo is a dice game that appeared in China several hundred years ago. Also known as “Tai Sai”, it is extremely popular in Asia.

Sic Bo is less present in virtual casinos than in land-based casinos. However, with future changes in gambling laws, new Sic Bo sites may emerge.

How to play sic bo


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How to play Sic Bo: The goal of the game of Sic Bo

The goal of Sic Bo is to find the winning numbers or combinations. In this extremely simple game, however, there are 50 different ways to place a bet.

How to play Sic Bo: The course of a game of sic bo - The different stages of the game:

  • Players begin to place their bets on the table.
  • Players can place an unlimited number of bets.
  • The croupier rolls the dice, which are usually three in number.
  • The dealer checks the results and pays the player if he wins.

To start a game of Sic Bo well, you should know that you will have to guess a combination that will emerge from the drawing of three dice, by placing a bet. In order, here is the flow of the game:

  • You place your bet on the table (there is usually no limitation on your stakes).
  • The dealer, or the automatic cage, rolls the three dice.
  • Depending on the results, your winnings are paid automatically.

How to play Sic Bo: The different bets at sic bo

There are several ways to bet on Sic Bo. Here’s what to remember:

  • Small Bet (Less than 11): The player bets that the total of the three dice will be less than 11. The payout is 1 to 1 unless there is a “Low Triple” (ie. – say the triplets of the digits 1, 2 or 3). In this case, the bet loses. There are 108 possible combinations of dice totaling less than 11 and only 3 are “low triples”.
  • Big Bet (Over 10): The player bets that the sum of the three dice will be between 11 and 17. The payout is 1 to 1 unless there is a “High Triple” (Triple of 4, 5 or 6). If so, the bet loses. There are 108 possible combinations of dice totaling more than 10 and only 3 are “high triples”.
  • Double : The player selects a number from 1 to 6 and two of the three dice must then display this number for him to win his bet. The payout is 10 to 1.
  • Triple : As for the double, the three dice must display the number that the player has previously selected. The payout is 180 to 1.
  • Any Triplet : Unlike the “Triplet” bet above, the player has not selected a number. The bet wins regardless of the treble. The payout is 30 to 1.
  • Sum : The player bets on the sum that the three dice will total. There are 14 sums available and the winnings are based on the total selected by the player, from 6 to 1 to 60 to 1.
  • Duo : The player bets on a duo, that is to say on the side that must be displayed by two of the three dice. There are 15 types of Duo.
  • Simple : The player bets on the output of a number. The payout is based on the number of dice displaying the selected number, from 1 to 1 for a single die to 10 to 1 for all three. Players can bet on as many numbers as they want.

How to play Sic Bo: Table of bets available at sic bo:

Bet nameBet details
Dice FaceConsists of betting on one side of the dice. If the correct side is drawn, the player wins his bet once. If he hits two sides, he wins twice the amount of his bet. The casino advantage is 8% on a Dice Face bet.
Two facesConsists of betting on two sides. This bet pays 5 to 1 and the house advantage associated with this bet is 17%.
TotalsConsists of betting on the total face of the three dice. The player can bet from 4 to 17 for this bet, the payout ratio of which varies greatly depending on the casino.
Small or BigThe player bets on the fact that the total of the dice will represent a value between 4 and 10: he is then said to be making a Small bet. The Big bet is a bet on a total of the dice ranging from 11 to 17.
TripleA Triple bet is a bet that predicts that at least three faces will come out the same number. The payout ratio is 150 to 1 for this bet! Unfortunately the house advantage is still 30% …
Any TripleSimply bet on any Triple – the player does not specify which number will come out three times. The payout ratio for this bet is 22 to 1. The house edge is still 30% for this bet.
Any PairConsists of betting on any pair. This bet pays 8 to 1 but the associated house advantage is 33%. The Any Triple bet is certainly the riskiest in the game.

How to play Sic Bo: Tips for winning at Sic Bo

Be consistent in your bets whether or not you have a playing strategy. For example, statistically, there is little chance of seeing 3 times the number 2 as an outcome, so do not bet on double or triple bets unless it’s your lucky day. You could get paid up to 180 for 1.

Do not bet excessive amounts because neither you nor anyone else can control the goodwill of the dice. We recommend that you opt for one of these bets, which are the least risky: the low bet allows you to win large sums by betting on a total sum of the draw placed between 4 and 10. The high bet allows you to bet. on a total sum of the draw between 11 and 17, in 1 to 1. You will win less but will have more chances of obtaining many wins, in the short term.

The single bet can make you win more because the payout rate is higher for a single number.

The very basis of the game of Sic Bo is chance, whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, everyone will have their chance. But experience will allow you to adapt your stake depending on what you want to play, but above all what you want to win.

Few online casinos offer the game of Sic Bo, either for playing for real money or for fun. It is recommended that you pay attention to the safety of games on certain sites, see if any welcome bonuses are offered to you, and the attention that will be given.

How to play Sic Bo: Sic Bo winnings

The winnings may vary at sic bo depending on the online casinos. Before the start of each game, the player must take the time to consult the payout table. Thus, he will be able to inquire about the details of each combination and the various payment reports.

Are you one of the beginners in sic bo? In this case, take advantage of our free sic bo universe and become the king of gaming! Here you can place your bets or bets against the house for free on games worthy of the best online casinos!

How to play sic bo


The sic bo is now available among any online casino game but is still relatively unknown to the general public. We are therefore taking this opportunity to present this type of entertainment to you in detail so that you can add it to the panel of your favorite games!

Are you one of the beginners in sic bo? In this case, take advantage of our free sic bo universe and become the king of gaming! Here you can place your bets or bets against the house for free on games worthy of the Top Best Online Casinos!


In the principle of the game, we must admit that we find it similar to roulette. Yes, since here too, you have a playing area, it is a bell with 3 dice inside, and a betting mat on which you will have to guess the results of the 3 dice.

In sic bo online just like in a game in a land-based casino, you start by placing your bet by placing your bet on the mat. The dice are then launched and the result is announced. Depending on the outcome of the game, you may or may not receive any winnings.

Sic bo is very popular because it offers a wide range of bets on which participants can place bets including:

Type of betExplanationAdvantage
SimpleYou are betting that a particular number will appear on at least one of the dice. If this is the case, you win your bet for each die showing the correct result.The casino advantage is 8%
DuoYou bet on the number that will appear on 2 of the 3 dice. The payoff ratio is then 5 to 1.Casino advantage is 17%
SumYou bet on the total of the three dice and can choose a result between 4 and 17. The ratio is different depending on the bet placed and pays between 6 to 1 and 60 to 1.Variable
Small or BigYou are betting that the total of the dice will be between 4 and 10 for a Small bet, or between 11 and 17 for a Big bet. The payout is 1 to 1.Variable
TripleYou bet on the fact that the 3 dice will show the same result that you specify beforehand. The payout is 150 to 1.The casino advantage is 30%
All tripledYou bet on the fact that the 3 dice will show the same result but do not specify a specific number. The payout is 22 to 1.The casino advantage is 30%
DoubleYou select a number between 1 and 6 and bet on the fact that 2 dice will display this result. This bet pays 10 to 1The casino advantage is 33%


Profitable, the sic bo online casino is … Indeed, when you go to connect for the first time to your sic bo table, what we advise you to do is to direct yourself immediately. to the paytable to appreciate the payout amounts or rather the payout reports that will be displayed. You will certainly be amazed to see that some bets can get you 180 times your stake, that sounds huge to you, yet it is the reality.

But beware, do not think that sic bo is a game where the money is won easily, certain combinations of dice only happen very rarely. Once again, our experts are with you to decipher the combinations.


Let’s start with the most obvious strategy first: to win as much money as possible during your games, you will need to carefully choose the types of bets on which you want to invest. Some of them show very attractive potential winnings as we have seen, but on the other hand, leave you very little chance of winning the game … It is, therefore, better, especially for beginners, to stick to 1 against 1 bet, like “Small / Big” bets for example or “Simple”.

The advantage of the house is also a factor to consider. The “Result” and “Triple” bets should therefore be avoided as much as possible if you want to guarantee yourself the best possible chances of winning. The house edge is far too high for your bets to be profitable …


Experts assume that this game originated in Asia, more precisely China. It has been around for hundreds of years and has therefore evolved as it spread across the world, and from casino to casino. Australia, Macao, Atlantic City: the rules are not always the same, and the technical sic bo that will allow you to win either …

We have been telling you about it since the beginning of this article, the rules of the game are important but what is even more important is to launch an assault on the table and as they say, it is by playing that we learn. We, therefore, suggest that you explore these different variants on our interface dedicated to free sic bo. The luck that you have when playing online at a demo game space is that you can have our recommendations with you without anyone telling you anything, so enjoy it and have fun everyone.


Once your reading is over and the techniques learned here have been implemented on a demo mode gaming area, the time has come to switch to an online casino to play for real money.

We help you identify, among the many sic bo casinos on the market, which operator is right for you. In our ranking, you will find the establishments offering the most beautiful spaces in sic bo. As you explore our reviews, we will get a full overview of each of these casinos and be able to take your pick. Games library, promotions, security, customer service: a complete point is offered to you!

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