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Baccarat Strategy

Increase your winnings with each baccarat strategy presented here

The first thing to know when playing baccarat is that it is a game that gives pride of place to absolute chance. After placing your bets in one of the table sections (player, banker or tie), the bets are made. You will no longer have any control over the course of the game.

I mean that the baccarat game is a challenging casino entertainment in the sense that it is impossible to predict the winning runs. Indeed, there is a big chance factor in baccarat. This is exactly the reason why you need to understand how to play, using these tips of baccarat strategy. 

Unlike other casino games such as blackjack, you will no longer be able to make decisions that could positively impact the course of the game.

Also, unlike poker, no specific skill is required to be able to win in this game. When you have six to eight piles of cards randomly placed on the table, even if you have a very good logic and an excellent memory, your probabilities of predicting the correct draw via card counting are more than slim.

So let us present to you each of the most effective baccarat strategies, in order to always earn more money at the best online casinos that you will find!

Baccarat Strategy


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Understand the basics of baccarat

As we pointed out in our introductory paragraph, baccarat is definitely not a game where individual talent makes the difference. Once you have placed your bets, you will no longer have any authority over the outcome of the game. In poker, players have decision-making power that can significantly affect the course of a round. In baccarat, it is not! The player chooses a side and watches the action that follows without any interference.

If you play a game of baccarat knowingly, you won’t have to try and gain a substantial advantage over the casino by any means possible and imaginable. Since you have no control over how the game plays out, baccarat transforms into an entertaining social experience. 

Make sure you understand the baccarat odds and stakes!

If you’re betting on a tie, it’s imperative to keep in mind that the house advantage tops out at over 14%. Don’t be overwhelmed by its 8 to 1 odds! Any baccarat strategy does not recommend that you place your bets on the tie. There’s nothing stopping you from doing it occasionally to spice up your game, but be careful not to make a habit of it. Otherwise, you risk squandering all of your capital in less time than it takes to tell! 

The banker’s chances of winning are slightly higher than the player’s. Keep in mind that a player who wins a bet on the Banker will be required to pay a 5% commission to balance the odds. That said, even taking the 5% commission into account, the house advantage is set at 1.17% for banker bets while it points to 1.36% for player bets. 

Winning Baccarat Strategy

Card counting

Many players use the slips provided to them by the casino to average wins and losses to determine a trend. In the long run, the banker will beat the player in more than half of the cases, even if the player has won the last 20 innings in a row. However, the final decision is yours. However, as we have specified previously, baccarat is a game guided by the most absolute chance. On the other hand, you are free to resort to card counting and determine the degree of usefulness for yourself. 

How to count cards in baccarat?

Card counting in baccarat will allow you to define whether or not it will be more judicious to place your bets on the player according to the cards which have already been drawn. Make sure you play a game of baccarat first with 6-8 decks of cards in the shoe. You don’t need to be a math genius at all because card counting involves only small numbers. Here are the numbers to add or subtract depending on the card that has just been removed from the shoe:  

  • 1 for an ace, 2 or 3
  • 2 for a 4
  • – 1 for a 5, a 7 or an 8
  • – 2 for a 6
  • 0 for a 9, a 10, a jack, a queen, or a king. 

Add or subtract the numbers as the cards are drawn from the shoe. The higher the total, the more your chances of winning a bet on the player are increased. As soon as you reach 16, it is better to place your bet on the player rather than the banker. As long as the sum has not reached the fateful threshold of 16, continue to bet on the banker. Bets on equality are far too risky to be attempted. 

Behind the baccarat strategy of counting cards lies the theory that the house advantage will depend on the cards that remain in the shoe. When there are less than 5s, 6s, 7s, and 8s in the shoe, the house advantage will be in the player’s favor.

The reverse logic is that when there are fewer aces, 2s, 3s, and 4s in the shoe, the house advantage will be more in favor of the banker. By supervising the cards that come out of the shoe, you will be able to orient the placement of your bets according to your calculations. 

Online Casino VS. Live Casino

Depending on whether you are playing in an online casino or a live casino, you are sure to notice some small differences. In an online casino, the minimum wagering limits are much more weighted. In fact, you will be able to place more bets there. In a live casino, it is possible that your budget does not allow you to place bets at an unrestrained rate.

You will have to appeal to your sense of temperance as well as to reasoned management of your capital. Furthermore, card counting is absolutely unnecessary in an online casino. Since online baccarat is played without a shoe, it is perfectly pointless to struggle with card counting, each hand being independent of the other.

1st baccarat strategy: knowing the odds of baccarat payout will help you bet better

Generally, in casino games, the higher the payout ratio and in favor of the player, the less chance he has of winning money in the next session. This implies that the player should put aside the more daring bets to focus only on those which are the most accessible.

If they will not allow him to scoop the million, they are still likely to bring enough in the long term. In baccarat, single bets with a payout ratio of 1: 1 are recommended. The use of martingales, which require a good command of mathematics, can also allow the player to quickly catch up or, on the contrary, to widen the gap.

The first baccarat strategy is therefore simple: learn to distinguish between too risky bets and bet only on the most probable outcomes. In baccarat, your best weapon is rationality. The tie bet has a 1 in 30 chance of winning you. It also offers the casino an advantage of 14.3%. So opt for this bet as little as possible.

2nd baccarat strategy: beat the house advantage by choosing the right variant

The house edge is important in baccarat games that are played on the Internet. In fact, the player loses about 56% of the time in an online baccarat session. Add to this the fact that the cards are totally shuffled and separated from each other, the chances of winning early game wins are low.

However, some variants will offer a low house advantage: you will, therefore, have to turn to these, such as the railroad (Chemin de Fer) or Punto Banco. Another important element: in order to increase his chances of winning, the player should not hesitate to surf from online casino to online casino in order to take advantage of the best advantage and, thus, try to optimize his chances of winning.

Strategy 3: The lowest baccarat winning odds are actually the best option

In baccarat, forget the big instantaneous sums, those which are accompanied by perilous and often very expensive bets. These bets can be effective once but never much more. Opt instead for the baccarat strategy offering a game system that will make you rich in the long term. To do this, you should give preference to bets that are associated with low payout ratios. Here’s a quick look at what the winning baccarat odds have in store for you:

  • The house has a 1.4% advantage on every bet made by the player. In addition, the casino takes a commission of 5% on wagers on the bank.
  • The odds of the player’s hand winning are slightly lower than the odds of losing it. If the player wins in 44.62% of the cases, he will still lose in 45.85% of the cases.
  • The odds of a tie are 9.53% in baccarat. The payout for the tie is 8 to 1.

Bottom Line: With odds of 1 to 1, betting on the Bank’s hand doesn’t look very prolific. However, we encourage you to take this option. And even though betting on the Bank hand will bring in 5% of your casino winnings, this bet is likely to win you more often than others at virtual casinos. The bet on the hand of the Bank gives you a chance of winning all the same 44.62%: it is therefore not necessarily to be excluded.

4th casino baccarat strategy: stay in control of your bankroll in all circumstances

If each baccarat strategy mentioned above will allow you to boost your winnings, there remains a basic baccarat strategy that should not be neglected: that of perfectly controlling your expenses during your gaming sessions.

The odds of a baccarat payout can sometimes blind the most sensitive customers, who end up losing their footing and betting more than they should, most of the time looking to recover after a poor session.

Before you even start gambling, you’ll need to set a financial goal and set yourself a limit. Delimiting an objective will allow you to be satisfied with a certain gain and not to go overboard. In terms of investment, sticking to a limited budget will prevent you from depleting your financial resources and becoming irrational.

If you know you can stick with it, you just need to think about what a maximum loss you are prepared to take before you start. If you are afraid of not sticking to these commitments, then the betting limits set by online casinos are for you: use them without parsimony!

5th Basic Baccarat Strategy: Get Your Hands On Free Spins

Having trouble understanding the rule by which a third card dealer or the player’s third card is dealt? Do you want to take your time and apply each casino baccarat strategy presented previously without stress, and without running the risk of losing money?

In this case, there is only one valid baccarat strategy: go through our free games and train relentlessly. You can start your games here without having to register or make a payment. So you can play unlimited without spending a dime and can perfect your technique.

When you feel ready, you can take the helm of online baccarat casinos and start lucrative and ultra-entertaining sessions, while benefiting from generous bonuses!

Follow your plan to fame

Among the casino games best known to the general public, baccarat is certainly one of the most popular. You don’t have to be a great professional before you can enjoy this entertainment. However, it should be noted that many players use baccarat strategy and tips to have even more chances of winning.

Although there are tips to enhance your chances of winning, baccarat is a game of pure chance. So you won’t have to think much about it before you do it. You just have to make a choice: bet on the banker or bet on the player. This is indeed the only time you have to think about it. After this choice, the outcome of the game becomes totally random. You just have to wait and cross your fingers hoping Lady Luck is with you.

The explanations previously provided have no doubt enabled you to understand that this is a question of casino entertainment based solely on luck. Many players appreciate this randomness and find it makes the title even more exciting and interesting. You should know, however, that you have the possibility of employing techniques to tilt the odds in your favor a little bit.

Baccarat is an exciting game that gives you a choice to play as you see fit. You can only participate in certain games without having to bet every time. This option is very beneficial to new amateurs who can draw inspiration from the progress of the games to identify all the cogs. After this observation period, you will be able to face engaging in a real game with confidence. The ability to bet only when desired also allows players with an average budget to play for a longer time.

If you are a new fan, we recommend that you pay attention to the numbers when it comes to tips and techniques and uses any advantage. Indeed, the vast majority of online casinos have a profit of 1.4% on all stakes. As you can see, this low-profit rate implies that the house is only entitled to 5% withholding on winning banker bets. The players, therefore, have a definite advantage, because they are paid at the rate of 0.95 to one.

If you want to indulge in this entertainment, you have to keep in mind that there are almost as many chances of winning as of losing. Thus, you can win a game with a probability of 44.62% and you can lose that same game with a probability of 45.85%. So amateurs have a pretty good chance of winning the game. This probability is especially certain with every second bet you place.

One of the things to also keep in mind is that there is roughly a 9.53% chance of having a tie. Remember this when you do want to define a baccarat strategy. We recommend that you do not seek to have this tie, as it is not very profitable for you. Indeed, with a tie, you will certainly get a profitable rate of remuneration of 8 to 1, but the casino systematically deducts 14.4% from your winnings.

When we exclude bets on ties, we realize that the best baccarat strategy for players is to bet on the banker. Betting on the banker offers a 51% chance of winning; you will, therefore, have an interest in following the banker. What matters when it comes to baccarat strategy is being able to spot all the advantages that might help you in one way or another.

Play baccarat strategy in one of our casinos!

There is no need to worry about your attire or be intimidated by the idea of ​​playing in the spotlight if you are playing baccarat at any of the online casinos that we have listed on our official list. If you want to play in a professional manner, we invite you to consult our article devoted to the rules of baccarat to make sure that no detail has escaped your notice. To put it simply, you just have to choose from three possible types of bet and, once this formality is completed, let the game take its course. 

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