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American Martingale

Using the American Martingale: How to understand and play roulette according to this strategy?

The principle of this martingale is to erase 2 losses for each gain obtained. After 2 losses, the player’s bet will, therefore, be the sum of these 2 losses. However, the system to be used may be different depending on the number of consecutive losses recorded by the player and he will then have to proceed until all the losses are definitively erased.

However, as with all Roulette methods, the player will have to stop when his cumulative results are positive. The American Martingales is only used to catch up on the backlog and recover all the money lost during the game.

Pros and Cons: What are the risks involved with the American martingale?

The Martingale roulette strategy is one of the easiest to assimilate. If the total losses incurred represent an even number, the player knows that he will have to bet an even amount. This martingale also makes it possible to maintain a maximum margin compared to the stakes. So we can use the American Martingale as well to catch up as to make an investment profitable. One of the drawbacks of the American Martingale is that it requires a good memory. It is preferable to note all the bets on a paper as the game progresses. Each time, the player will take his last bet and add it to the first loss erased.

Table summarizing the bets: Learn to use the American Martingale for roulette

Below you will find a table explaining the principle of the American Martingale. The numbers in bold correspond to the bets to be used for the next bet. The crossed-out figures correspond to the losses erased by a victorious blow.

StakeResultStakeResultCumul.We notice
RedBlack10-10-155 , 10
RedBlack15-15-3015 , 10, 5
RedBlack20-20-5020 , 15, 10, 5
RedRed25+25-2525 , 20 , 15, 10 , 5
RedBlack35-35-6035 , 25, 15, 10
Online Roulette strategy

The American Martingale Roulette in Brief:

  • The American Martingale allows you to quickly gain financial health in the event of a deficit situation.
  • This Martingale strategy is one of the best rising in its category but requires a very good memory. If possible, the player is advised to record each of his bets on a sheet of paper.
  • The American Martingale is not infallible, however. In the event of a bad series, this amount quickly reaches its limits: the player can quickly be forced to make ceiling bets in an attempt not to get out of business.
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